Ian MacLeod receives SEG Cecil Green Enterprise Award

Geosoft co-founder Ian MacLeod is the proud recipient of the Cecil Green Enterprise Award from the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG).

Geosoft announces new subscription plans for its Oasis montaj suite of geoscience software

Geosoft has announced new subscription plans for its Oasis montaj suite of geoscience software with options that include monthly, annual and multi-year terms.

Geosoft launches new subscription plans for Target geology software

Target subscriptions gives customers affordable access to market-leading technology for geological modelling and interpretation.

Botswana Geoscience Portal serves up 2000 downloads – Explorers hungry for pre-competitive data

Mineral explorers, government and academic researchers, and other key stakeholders from more than 35 countries have visited the public repository to access the 10 gigabytes of pre-competitive geoscience data stored online.

Geosoft and Minalytix partner to bring MX Deposit to the marketplace

Geosoft and Minalytix have entered a business partnership to commercially release MX Deposit, a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for drill hole and sample data management.

Geosoft introduces IP and resistivity inversion in VOXI Earth Modelling

Geoscientists are now able to create detailed 3D models of conductivity and chargeability from IP and resistivity survey data with VOXI.

Geosoft announces technology partnership with Corescan

Geosoft is pleased to announce a technology partnership with Corescan to integrate Corescan’s web based virtual core library, Coreshed, with Geosoft’s geological software Target and Target for ArcGIS.

Botswana Geoscience Portal goes live

Geosoft announced the launch of the Botswana Geoscience Portal, a partnership initiative with the Botswana Geoscience Institute and industry sponsors.

Geosoft releases VOXI Earth Modelling technology

Cloud-based 3D modelling technology advances exploration geophysics for improved geologic understanding and drill targeting

Geosoft introduces new Chinese language software and training services supporting exploration in China

Geosoft recently hosted an official launch, in Beijing China, introducing their Chinese language exploration software and training services supporting China's resource exploration and earth science sectors.

Geosoft gains Esri Gold Tier status

Geosoft has achieved Gold Tier status within the Esri Partner Network.