Gold Scents

"Gold bottom is close"

"Yearly cycle low is close and may have formed a double bottom yesterday".

The deflationary myth

With commodities now moving down into their three year cycle low I’m hearing more and more talk about deflation. This is complete nonsense.

Are commodities at a major turning point?

As most of you probably know, I have been expecting the CRB to form a major three year cycle low sometime next summer. However I’m now starting to see some things that might indicate that major cycle bottom is going to occur earlier than I expected.

Commodities Moving Down into the Midyear Correction

So far my 2014 expectations are playing out pretty much as planned, with a few adjustments. With the threat of war in the Ukraine I think the final bubble phase in stocks is now off the table.

Stocks bubble phase: gold capitulation follow up

For stocks it still remains to be seen whether or not they have one more surge higher into a final top.

Final bubble phase for the stock market: final capitulation for gold

We've had so many calls for a crash over the last year that you just know the bears are salivating right now thinking they are finally going to get their wish.

Another piece of the puzzle falls into place

My overarching driver for the Great Inflation scenario is that the dollar would have some kind of crisis, or semi-crisis late this year as it drops down into its major three year cycle low. All other stock and commodity movements will be driven by this impending currency crisis.

Bear market bottoms: Once-in-a-lifetime opportunities

Opportunities are found at bear market bottoms. For those emotionally capable of going against the herd, buying a bear market bottom is where the really big money is made.

Another bubble looking for a pin

The Fed has now manufactured a parabolic move in the stock market. This parabola is much more aggressive (and thus even more unsustainable) than witnessed at either the 2000 or 2007 stock market tops.

Time to sit on the sidelines

My best guess continues to be that stocks will extend this consolidation on Friday and then deliver one more push higher into the FOMC meeting next week.

It may be time to book some profits in the mining stocks

It's been a great run over the last two months but it may be time to tighten stops on mining stocks.