How 4,000 Roman coins found buried in Swiss orchard reinforce gold ownership today

The coins’ excellent condition indicated that the owner systematically stashed them away shortly after they were made, the archaeologists said.

Forever QE continues unabated

The Fed’s balance sheet has swelled to roughly $2.4 trillion since the start of QE.

Greeks can’t tap cash, gold, silver in safety deposit boxes

The notion that safe deposit boxes – facilities that are used by many precious metals investors and others seeking to safeguard their wealth and valuables – need to come under capital controls to protect against bank runs is a dubious one.

What would the market for gold and silver look like if we were approaching the top?

You would almost certainly see a price spike of some significance

The bang! moment is here

Highly indebted governments, banks, or corporations can seem to be merrily rolling along for an extended period, when bang – confidence collapses, lenders disappear, and a crisis hits.

Fresnillo tops 2011 gold output targets

Mexican precious metals miner Fresnillo PLC Wednesday beat its full-year silver and gold production targets and said it expects to deliver strong financial results in 2011 due in part to significantly higher metal prices.

More traders notice gold's regularly counterintuitive behavior

Drawing on GATA board member Adrian Douglas' statistical study from August 2010 ("The Gold Market Isn't 'Fixed,' It's Rigged," Sam and Bob Kirtley of SK Options Trading in Wellington, New Zealand, yesterday mused at length once again about the likely success of a gold trading fund that exploited the peculiar behavior of the gold market -- rising when the sun sets on London and New York and falling when traders in those cities go back to work.

Colombia gold mining accident kills three workers

The accident occurred at the Cien Puertas mine in the municipality of Puerto Berrio in north-central Colombia, Ingeominas said. The agency said that while investigations continue into the exact causes of the accident, it appears the miners didn't h...