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Royal Mint launches online dealing account … in gold

The Royal Mint is encouraging the public to become gold investors with the launch of an online bullion trading service.

Nigerian gold mining: farmers choose death by lead poisoning over poverty

Unregulated mining in rural northern Nigeria is causing blindness and paralysis among children and making adults infertile.

The search for transparency in a global gold rush for rare earths

Rare earth elements are an essential ingredient of modern technologies, but poor regulation has led to environmental ruin

Copper miners lead FTSE 100 higher despite poor UK manufacturing figures

Chilean miner Antofagasta gains after higher than expected payout to shareholders while Kazakhstan miner Kazakhmys recovers ground.

Why has gold lost its shine?

Is the great gold rush over? The price of the precious metal has soared over the last decade, jumping from below $300 (£189) in 2001 to peak at $1,920 (£1,211) in September 2011. But, since then, it has fallen to around $1,660 (£1,047) defying predictions – and the hopes of speculators – that it would continue to hit new peaks during the ongoing financial turmoil.

Miners leap on China's surprise interest rate cut

Vedanta, Rio Tinto, Anglo American and Kazakhmys all enter top ten risers after People's Bank of China tries to encourage spending.

Sierra Leone fortunes change as diamond trade brings back investment

Returning multinationals create mining boom in once-war ravaged country synonymous with brutality and child soldiers Lying in Sierra Leone's mineral-rich eastern belt, the Koidu Holdings diamond mine and others like it were once at the heart of the...

Blood diamonds 'will pay for Mugabe's terror'

Conflict diamonds are to be used to fund a new campaign of violence by President Robert Mugabe's regime against his political opponents in Zimbabwe as elections loom.

UK accused of stalling EU tar sands regulation

were not ready to vote on approving the directive, which would assign fuel from Canada's highly polluting oil sands a high default greenhouse gas value, reflecting the environmental damage it causes. The diplomat said that "there was a request shared by

Reality check: how dangerous is mining

Five miners have now been killed in coal mines in the past month raising concern about safety standards in pits. Polly Curtis examines how dangerous the modern coal industry is. Email your views to [email protected] or contact her on Twitter

Fake Twitter accounts used to promote tar sands pipeline

The Guardian has an amusing story about allegations that oil company lobbyists have set up fake Twitter accounts in support of Keystone XL. Here's an example of one Tweet: "If you like pizza you should also like #keystonexl and the sweet #oilsands it benefits #nebraska." Mmm, oil sands pizza! I'm sold. Thanks, oil lobby astroturfers!