Gwen Preston - Resource Maven

Gwen Preston is the Resource Maven. Years as a mining journalist gave her a deep base of knowledge and a broad network of contacts in the resource sector. She understands which projects and pieces of news matter. And as part of the Vancouver resource crowd, she hears about new investment opportunities before the market rushes in.

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Gwen Preston on Darnley Bay's Pine Point project

Darnley Bay has only owned the Pine Point project for four months. In that time they have already shown that a new mine on this historic zinc asset makes a lot of sense.

Rates up, gold up. The spring run has sprung

The rate hike happened and gold sprang into action, just as I expected. The move was stronger and came out of near record volumes, which shows just how many speculators were waiting for this opportunity. There is very good interest in gold these days, folks.

Holiday Fun…With A Chance of Free Gold

Gold for Christmas? Yes please! There is a cool contest getting started where you can use your precious metal stock picking prowess to win gold. And it’s risk free. Betting on stocks without actually putting […]

Uranium up!

Uranium has made a decided move up in the last few sessions. Could this be the start of something big?

Colombia: Golden future, difficult reality

I came to Colombia primarily to answer one question: this country may offer immense mineral potential but is it a good place to spend some investment dollars?

Rates, returns, the dollar, and gold

I’m sure most of you have, like me, spent too much time reading and thinking about this issue in recent weeks.

What happens now?

Markets hate uncertainty and (because of all those terribly inaccurate polls) Trump’s victory injected a whack of precisely that. But his calm response, amazingly, calmed the markets.

The hawkish dovish Fed

US markets are a bit of a mess right now. On Friday the S&P lost 53 points or 2.4%. Monday they regained half that ground but Tuesday saw another slide. The Dow made similar moves.

Site visit: Integra Gold’s Lamaque Project

For those unfamiliar with french, Val d’Or translates as Valley of Gold. And it’s an appropriate name: the city grew up around two gold mines and mining remains the only significant game in town.

Golden spikes are becoming the norm – and that matters.

To end the week the US announced that GDP growth in the second quarter had managed just 1.2%. In response, gold shot up.

Maven Mondays

The birth of a new gold bull market has changed the game - the trading strategies we've employed in the last few years no longer apply.

Maven Mondays

What is it going to take to bring the junior resource sector back to life? I always have the same answer: investors need to make some money.

In short, it's ugly out there.

But the best opportunities are born when, as the saying goes, “there’s blood in the streets.”

Shop talk at Sprott

I spent today in Toronto, at an editor’s forum hosted by Sprott. Great event: an opportunity to talk about metals and the markets, here is a quick rundown of the day’s takeaways.

Work continues

There are good companies doing promising work. Yes, the news flow is slower than in better markets, but that doesn’t mean it’s crickets out there.

It’s not the end of the world

As the media bashes gold and Shanghai crashes again, it's easy to get despondent.

Little left to lose

Perhaps. But when a sector is so downtrodden that it barely shrugs at major global economic events, there is little left to lose.

Sailing against the wind

Explorers and miners are facing relentless headwinds. Progress is not easy. But despite it all, there are companies out there making headway against the tide.

This quiet won't last

It’s been a while since I wrote about the price of gold. Time to revisit the yellow metal – though to be honest, we haven’t missed much.

Momentum: The marker that matters

The 12 Top Pick companies at the Metals Investor Forum all share an essential trait: momentum. Despite all that the markets have thrown at them, they continue to pragmatically advance their projects towards increased shareholder value.

The Chinese are in, investors love BitGold… signs of summer momentum?

Chinese deals and BitGold mania matter to the mining sector, especially in May when the doldrums regularly set in...unless a new bull market is building.

Eight picks from four experts

In two weeks, four of today’s top experts in the metals and mining sector are gathering at the inaugural Metals Investment Forum to introduce some of their best bets for profiting in the upcoming turnaround.

Liking how things are looking

Gold stocks are defining a clear uptrend that's pushed through some long-term resistance. And gold's case as a steady hand in today's strange markets is gaining steam. I like how things are looking.

Meet management. They matter most.

Mining markets are at a bottom. That much is clear.