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Oil sands face big trouble ahead, two new studies suggest

Canada’s oil sands industry may find itself fighting with the US — its own largest customer — for a share of a shrinking oil market within four years.

Donald Trump's cabinet to include oilsands-loving Texans

Donald Trump's prospective cabinet is now stacked with friends of Canadian oil, with vocal proponents of the Keystone XL pipeline his picks to run key posts in the State and Energy departments.

$1.2-trillion ‘Wolfcamp' discovery means Canada's oilsands should fear Texas

The oilsands suddenly have a real reason to fear Texas.

Here's why some say oil sands producers may never recover

With an oil break-even price of about $80 per barrel, any new oil sands projects will only barely make back their investment.

If Justin Trudeau likes the oil sands, why can't you?

Though certain anti-oil lobby groups make it seem like there are profound divisions in this country over the oil sands, the truth is that, historically, the responsible development of Canada's oil sands have been championed by both liberal and conserva...

'Promised Land': Matt Damon's fracking film to highlight controversial drilling process

Environmentalists are giddy over the news that Matt Damon is starring in an anti-fracking film.

Oilsands producers plan reconstruction of wetlands

lberta's oilsands producers are used to thinking big, and their plans to clean up the mess their mines leave behind are fully in line with the outsized trucks that prowl their pits and the outsized budgets that keep them growing.

DEBATE: Should The Keystone Pipeline Be Allowed In The U.S.?

Should the Keystone XL pipeline project be permitted in the U.S.?

British Columbia Mining: Changes To Legislation Could Bring Battle With Environmentalists

VICTORIA - Premier Christy Clark is about to find out her plans to chip away at the mountain of bureaucracy facing mining developments in British Columbia won't be an easy climb if environmental groups have any say in the matter. Opening eight new...

Pipeline Protesters Arrested On Parliament Hill

More than 100 people, including prominent activist Maude Barlow, were arrested on Parliament Hill Monday during a protest against the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline, and against the Alberta oil sands in general.

Oilsands controversy: U.S. groups use obscure trade law to push for sanctions against Canada

U.S. conservationists are using an obscure American trade law to pressure Canada over how they manage the oilsands. An environmental coalition has filed an application under what's known as the Pelly amendment.

Keystone XL Pipeline protests: are Canadians growing apathetic about the oil sands?

The recent protests in Washington over plans to funnel crude from the Alberta oil sands to Texas put the spotlight on the growing opposition to the project south of the border. But as activists hoisted placards, chanted slogans and got arrested (police

Margot Kidder arrested in oil sands protest

Canadian actress Margot Kidder was among the latest slate of environmentalists to be arrested outside the White House on Tuesday, handcuffed and sent to jail on the fourth day of a two-week civil disobedience campaign against TransCanada's Keystone XL pipeline.

Harper Arctic Visit: PM talks economic development at Meadowbank Gold Mine

Stephen Harper is using the backdrop of peaking gold prices amid international economic turmoil to sell his vision of economic development in Canada's Far North.