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2010 Nevada gold mine deaths: safety alarm was bypassed using broom handle

Huffington Post reports federal safety investigators say two Nevadans were killed in a mining accident partly because someone wedged a broom handle against a reset button to bypass an alarm that would have shut down the system.

Thousands Gather For Pivotal Keystone Protest

Keystone Pipeline: Harper Interprets Obama Statements On Plan As "Noncommittal" Keystone XL Oil Pipeline: A Symbolic Struggle Steeped In Fuzzy Math Julia Louis-Dreyfus Speaks Out Against Keystone XL Pipeline Keystone XL: Haste And Inexperience

EU Commission Defends Proposal To Label Oil Sands Fuel

Union's climate commissioner announced this week that the EU's plans to label all fuel produced from oil sands as "highly polluting" are based on science and talks will be held with EU member states to discuss the proposed standard, according to Reuters.

Gold sales jump on eBay during week of stock market volatility

For gold sellers on eBay, the recent stock market turmoil has been a boon for business. Gold and silver sales on eBay had already been rising steadily over the past several years – so much so that eBay Inc. created a special area in May to make it easier for buyers to find sellers.

Musselwhite Mine Evacuation: Goldcorp removes North Ontario miners due to forest fires

Goldcorp Inc. (TSX:G) has removed most of its 380 employees from the Musselwhite mine in northwestern Ontario due to forest fires in the area.

Massey kept fake safety records to throw off inspectors, mine disaster victim's fiancee says of latest MSHA findings

Federal investigators have proof that Massey Energy kept fake safety records to throw off inspectors at a southern West Virginia mine where 29 men died in an explosion last year, the fiancee of one of those victims said late Tuesday

Huguette Clark, Reclusive Heiress, Leaves Bulk Of $400 Million Fortune To Art Charity, Nurse

Huguette Clark spent the last 20 years of her life living in almost total isolation. She had cut off all contact with her family, preferring instead the company of her collection of dolls. In addition to being a recluse, Clark was also a very wealthy woman. The heiress to a Montana copper mining concern, she owned a 42-room apartment on New York's Fifth Avenue, an oceanfront estate in Santa Barbara, California and a country manor in Connecticut.

Kentucky Miners Trapped: Heavy Rain Causes Coal Mine In Bell County To Collapse

Three miners in southeastern Kentucky became trapped early Monday morning when part of the coal mine they were in collapsed from heavy rainfall.

Blair Mountain: protesters march to save historic battlefield

A week long protest calling for the preservation of West Virginia's Blair Mountain has rehashed conflicts within a coal mining community torn between the need for profits and the desire to preserve the past.