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India's rough diamond imports dropped sharply in September

Imports were down 33.2% to just $349.4 million as the average price of imports sank 72.5% to $24.44 per carat, compared to August.

De Beers Jewellers introduces Asian collection

De Beers Diamond Jewellers introduced its latest Asian collection in Taipei, drumming up attention with a high profile event that included an award-winning actress and models.

De Beers Diamond Jewellers opens first Shanghai Store

De Beers Diamond Jewellers has opened its first boutique in Shanghai, increasing the number of outlets in China to four.

Zale losses shrink, expects to return to profitability next year

Zale's revenues increased 7.1% to $1.87 billion in the 2012 fiscal year, the company announced. The improved results were not enough to pull the company into profit, posting a $27 million loss.

WDC to Discuss Consumer Diamond Promotion

The promotion of diamonds and diamond jewelry to consumers will feature prominently in discussions at the October World Diamond Congress (WDC).

Methane blamed for Alrosa diamond mine blast

Methane gas is thought to have been responsible for an explosion that killed two workers digging a mine in Yakutia last week.

Rio Tinto Has 'Multiple Options' for Diamond Business

Rio Tinto is “looking at multiple options" for its diamond business and plans to sell the diamond assets are “well advanced,” according to Chief Financial Officer Guy Elliott.

IDEX Online Research: Long Term Growth Prospects Bright for Global Jewelry Market

Dire predictions about a severe decline in Europe’s population over the next several decades have been revised to show that the number of people in the region will drop only modestly – from 740 million today to about 732 million 2050.

De Beers aggregation moves to Botswana ahead of schedule

The migration of worldwide diamond aggregation in Gaborone, Botswana, which began Tuesday, marks the first phase of the relocation of De Beers’ sales activities to Botswana as part of the sales agreement between the company and Botswana.

Botswana's Okavango diamond announces interim board

Okavango Diamond Company (ODC), the new diamond trading enterprise owned by the Botswana government, today (Monday) announced its interim board with Toby Frears as its first managing director.

Israel's diamond trade suffers double digit declines in July

Israel's net polished diamond exports were revived in July when compared to June, up 154.9% to $237.3 million. The increase hides however, a bitter truth – the country's exports are declining.

Diavik produces 1.79 million carats in Q2

The Diavik diamond mine in Canada produced 1.79 million carats of diamonds in the second quarter of the year, comparable with the figures for the previous year.

Rio Tinto is first miner to achieve RJC certification

(IDEX Online News) – Rio Tinto, a leading diamond and gold miner and a founding member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), is the first mining company to achieve RJC certification. The certification covers Rio Tinto's Diavik, Argyle and...

Rio Tinto releases bunder project sustainable development report

Rio Tinto Diamonds has released the first sustainable development report for its diamond Bunder Project in India, due to begin commercial diamond production in 2016.

Fourth month of declines in Belgium's rough diamond exports

Another month of declines in Belgium's rough diamond trade.

Japan's polished diamond imports up over 45% in May

After the surprise decline in Japan's polished diamond imports in April, they were revived in May, returning to the levels seen in preceding months.

FTC reviewing jewelry industry marketing guides

As part of its systematic review of all current rules and Guides, The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is seeking comments from members of the trade and consumers about revisions to the Jewelry Guides.

Rio Tinto appoints new MD of the Argyle diamond mine

Rio Tinto Diamonds appointed Kim Truter as managing director of the Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia, effective from July 1.

Company introduces low cost lab-made diamond identifier

As diamond traders continue to express concerns over undisclosed lab-made diamonds, a Hong Kong firm is offering a low cost way to identify them. Their solution is a $200 laser pen.

Belgium exports $1.18 billion of polished in May

While Belgium’s polished diamond trade improved in May, it was far below the level of 2011. The downward trend reflects a difficult trading environment and falling demand in the global markets, as well as the tough economic situation in Europe.

Lucara sells 26,196 carats of Karowe Diamonds in first online auction system

Lucara Diamond Corp. sold 26,196 carats of Karowe diamonds through its new online auction system. The total revenue from the sale was $5.64 million, averaging $215 per carat (p/c).

Botswana’s diamond exports fall 34.6% in April

A sharp drop in Botswana’s diamond exports took place in April, as the country is about to become the world’s leading rough diamond distributor. Botswana exported $173.8 million worth of rough and polished diamonds, a 34.6 percent year-over-year de...

U.S. rough diamond trade hurts in April

Large double-digit declines in the value of rough diamond trade by the U.S. in April. Rough diamond imports of $29.7 million fell 24.7 percent year on year.

Labs to re-examine submission terms following detection of undisclosed lab-made diamonds

A group of industry organizations convening in Las Vegas Sunday intends to tighten lab submission terms and improve transparency in the diamond industry.

WDC Honors Oppenheimer

The World Diamond Council has paid a special tribute to De Beers Chairman Nicky Oppenheimer at a gala dinner in Vicenza, Italy.