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World Jewellery Forum launches dedicated website

A dedicated website has been launched to provide information for attendees of the upcoming World Jewellery Forum, which begins on May 13 in Vicenza, Italy.

Recycled diamond tender tops $5 Million

Recycled diamonds are a growing source of diamonds for traders since the 2008 economic crash and since became a focus for a number of companies in the industry that now specialize in it.

Israeli pilot acquitted of diamond smuggling, advised to sell them in Zimbabwe

Israeli pilot Shmuel Kainan Klein, accused of smuggling diamonds out of Zimbabwe, was released for lack of evidence, leading to controversy.

Côte d’Ivoire rough diamond export sanctions extended

The United Nations' Security Council on Thursday extended the sanctions imposed on Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) for another year, including exports of rough diamonds.

20.5% surge in Japan's diamond imports

With the exception of a minute decline in January, polished diamonds imports by Japan completed a yearlong rise in March.

Dubai and Gujarat sign bilateral diamonds and textiles trade MOU

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry recently consolidated their bilateral trade ties through an MoU signed during a recently concluded trip to Surat by the Dubai Chamber Trade Mission.

US rough imports sliced by 60% in February

US trade in rough diamonds declined dramatically in February, according to the latest figures. Gross imports of $33.4 million are a 59.9 percent year-over-year decline, falling 19.1 percent compared to January.

Alleged Ponzi scheme rocks Israeli Diamond Exchange

A trader at the Israeli diamond center has been barred from entering the diamond complex in Ramat Gan after allegedly operating a Ponzi scheme. On Wednesday, a $1.3 million lawsuit was filled against him, claiming a 'sting' operation.

Indian diamond exports fall 17.3% as measures to curb ‘round-tripping’ bite

The imposition of a 2 percent import duty on cut and polished diamonds on January 17 this year resulted in a dramatic reduction by 17.3 percent of India’s polished diamond exports for fiscal 2011-12 (April-March).

De Beers diamond production down 16% in Q1

Diamond production by De Beers decreased to 6.2 million carats in the first quarter. This is a decline of 16 percent year-over-year and 4 percent compared to the fourth quarter of 2011.

Continued growing demand for jewelry in Japan

Sales of precious metals, art and jewelry at Japan’s department stores have been on the rise in March, outpacing the growth of most other consumer categories.

8% drop in U.S. polished diamond imports

U.S. diamond traders and buyers imported less diamonds in February and increased their exports during the month. At the same time, the focus is shifting to higher value goods.

Botswana's diamond exports soar in February

Botswana's diamond exports surged forward in February for the first time since October 2011. The country's polished and diamond exports of $306.5 million are a 181.2 percent increase over January's exports.

Russian diamond manufacturers criticize India

Access to rough diamonds has always been an issue for diamond manufacturers, and the backdrop to much commercial and national strife. Last week this was exemplified when a Russian manufacturing association said they are "outraged" by an Indian appeal to formalize sales by a Russian diamond repository.

Rockwell to terminate US share registration, stays on TSX, JSE

Rockwell said many factors played a role, including the low liquidity of the stock on the OTC Bulletin Board, the cost associated with preparing and filing periodic reports and the demands placed on management to comply with SEC reporting obligations.

Ankit Gems introduces browser toolbar for diamonds

Ankit Gems has launched a search toolbar that allows anyone to browse their diamond inventory. Pricing information, however, is only available to those who have company log ins.

India increases rough diamond intake

A rise in rough diamond imports by India took place in February. India imported $1.33 billion worth of rough diamonds, increasing 21.3 percent, based on provisional figures published by the Gem &Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC).

India’s polished diamond imports slashed 80% in February

A sharp decline in India’s polished diamond trade in February after an import tax started to be collected. India exported $1.44 billion worth of polished diamonds in February, a 53.7 percent drop compared to February 2011.

Tiffany posts 18% sales growth in 2011

American luxury retailer Tiffany & Co. reported double-digit sales and earnings growth for fiscal 2011, ended January 31, 2012. Net sales rose 18 percent to $3.6 billion and net earnings rose 19 percent to $439 million.

Nicky Oppenheimer receives lifetime achievement award

In recognition of Nicky Oppenheimer’s enormous contribution to the world diamond industry – and the Israeli industry in particular – the Israel diamond industry Tuesday night presented the chairman of De Beers with its highest honor – the Lifet...

Gem Diamonds 2011 net profit up 213%

Gem Diamonds Limited announced on Tuesday that its revenue for 2011 increased 49 percent to $396 million in 2011. The company’s net profit totalled $68 million, up a massive 235 percent over 2010.

Hasenfeld-Stein launches re-cutting program for recycled diamonds

n a bid to help jewelers increase their profits, diamond manufacturer Hasenfeld-Stein recently announced the launch of its diamond re-cutting program. The web-based program enables retail jewelers to send stones above 0.60 points for re-cutting into GIA triple excellent or AGS 000s diamonds.

U.S. net polished diamond imports +4% in January

U.S. net polished diamond imports increased in January this year when compared to January 2011 as well as when compared month-over-month to December 2011.

Decent diamond demand at BaselWorld, fancies sought after

“Good, but not great,” “Okay, but not outstanding.” These are the impressions heard repeatedly while walking around the diamond booths at BaselWorld.

Diamond ETF Filing submitted to SEC

IndexIQ, a New York based investment firm, filled with the SEC to register IQ Physical Diamond Trust, an exchange traded fund (ETF) backed by diamonds.