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Harry Winston Rough Sales Stall, Retail Strong

European banks under stress with European sovereign debt issues are partially to blame with the current liquidity issues in the diamond industry, says Harry Winston Diamond Corporation.

Israel Q3 Polished Trade Shoots Up 35%

Israel's net polished diamond exports totaled 5.833 billion in the third quarter, rising 37.1 percent year-over-year, according to official figures released today (Monday).

Alrosa Reducing Rough Diamond Sales, Expects Revival in 2012

(IDEX Online News) – Diminished demand for rough diamonds is forcing Alrosa to respond to rising pressure from the market. However, instead of reducing prices, which would make the goods more economical, Alrosa is decreasing supply. The Russian diamo...

Japan not losing its interest in diamonds

Though August tends to be a slow month for polished diamond imports into Japan, compared to last year, imports increased. Japan imported in August 171,733 carats of polished diamonds worth $63.8 million, rising 38.7 percent in value.

Belgium's net polished exports up 5% in September

The seasonal dip behind, Belgium's polished diamond exports rebounded in September. Belgium exported 731,221 carats of polished diamond worth $1.64 billion, tripling in value compared to August.

Tough market may prompt small Indian diamond firms to close early

With low demand for polished diamonds and pricing uncertainty dogging both rough and polished markets, the smaller diamond cutting and polishing firms in India may close early for vacations — and stay closed longer.

Bristow Appointed Rockwell Diamonds Chairman

Dr Mark Bristow is Rockwell Diamonds Inc. non-executive Chairman, replacing David Copeland who has stepped down, the diamond miner announced Monday.

Botswana’s Diamond Exports $594M in July

Botswana exported $594.3 million worth of polished and rough diamonds in July, shooting up 371.3 percent year-over-year, based on figures released by the Bank of Botswana.

Belgium's net polished trade creates $500 million overhang in August

Antwerp's traders created a half billion dollar overhang in August after their exports were slashed to 40 percent of their usual levels, based on figures released Tuesday by the AWDC.

Japan's polished diamond imports up 15.6%

Japan imported $65.4 million worth of polished diamonds in July, rising 15.6 percent compared to July 2010. The rise reflects soaring polished prices as well as a renewed appetite for the luxury item.

Belgium's rough found fewer buyers in August

Even tough Belgium eased its rough diamond imports in August, imports still far exceeded demand, resulting in many of the goods remaining in the trading center in August.

Ma Elected President of Diamond Federation of Hong Kong

Y.Y. Lawrence Ma has been elected for a two-year term as President of the Executive Committee of the Diamond Federation of Hong Kong. Sik Wah Leung was named honorary life president.

Sahar: No Reason for Market Nervousness

De Beers and the Canadian diamond producers will maintain their current prices and supplies until the end of the year, the president of the Israeli diamond exchange claims, hinting that prices of rough diamonds won’t increase.

No Rough Shortages in the Long Run, Astronomers Say

The recent reports of possible rough diamond shortages due to no major resource discoveries may have been premature. A new source may have been found with only one shortcoming – its distance from any manufacturing center.

Japan's Taste for Value over Volume Strengthens in June

As Japanese consumers increase their purchases of high-ticket items, the country's imports of diamonds also reflect a less for more trend. Polished diamond imports in June increased 18.1 percent in value while retreating 37.4 percent by volume compared...

Signet Q2 sales up 11% to $797.6 million

Signet Jewelers Limited reported a 10.8 percent increase in sales to $797.6 million in the second quarter. Same store sales at the world's largest specialty retail jeweler popped 9.9 percent in the period.

32.7 carat vivid yellow diamond expected to fetch $6 million

A 32.77 carats fancy vivid yellow diamond will be offered at Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction in New York on October 18. The diamond is expected to find a buyer willing to pay more than $6 million, the auction house believes. According to Christie’s, the diamond's color is highly saturated. “The vivid yellow literally blazes with color, unlike any yellow diamond I’ve ever seen,” said Rahul Kadakia, Christie’s Head of Jewelry for Christie’s Americas.

BHP diamond revenues +12 pct

BHP Billiton, owner of the Ekati diamond mine, reported revenues of $1.01 billion from diamond sales in the fiscal ear ending June 30, 2011, a 12.1 percent increase from the previous year.

Namdeb strike leads to legal action, lockouts

Namdeb is initiating legal action against a number of union officials and unionized workers. The step is the latest in a deteriorating battle between the diamond-mining firm and a group of employees.

US jewelry industry now a $65 billion enterprise

New government data has boosted the size of the U.S. jewelry industry by about 5 percent, restoring it to its former level of $65 billion in the peak sales year of 2007.

DTC Sight Dates 2012

The Diamond Trading Company (DTC) announced the dates of next year's Sights.

LKI Appoints David Wessel Director of Jewelry

David Wessel is Lazare Kaplan International's new Director of Jewelry, the company announced Tuesday.

Israel’s Polished Diamond Exports $714 Million in July

Israel’s net polished diamond exports in July totaled $713.8 million, rising 39.4 percent compared to June and by 57.4 percent year-over-year, based on Central Bureau of Statistics figures.

Belgian Diamond Industry Joins Fight Against Famine in the Horn of Africa

The Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC) is joining the battle against famine in the Horn of Africa and other humanitarian disasters by supporting the Belgian Consortium for Emergency Relief, 1212.

Rio Tinto Diamonds Going for Design

Rio Tinto Diamonds is launching a design competition. The competition is aimed at inspiring creativity and innovation across four categories of diamond jewelry design.