Seeds of a just coal transition policy in Colorado — IEEFA

Template could apply to Appalachia, Powder River Basin, Hopi-Navajo lands in Arizona.

Canada Trans Mountain Pipeline financials provide few clues on actual price tag and future costs

The controversial Trans Mountain Expansion Project is structured in a way that makes it difficult to determine how much Canadian taxpayers are paying now and will pay in the future.

IEEFA update: the US Energy Information Administration continues to miss the mark

The agency says it sees “virtually no [coal plant] retirements from 2030 through 2050,” an assertion that flies in the face of well-established trends.

A viable, low-carbon path toward energy security for Japan's post-Fukushima economy

Eliminating high-risk dependence on imported fuels; vast potential in renewables and buildout around domestic technology advantages; stranded assets in coal projects; little chance of nuclear industry recovery.

Indonesia: Rigorous coal-lending guidelines in banking sector’s best interest

A sustainable financial-sector roadmap for Indonesia must aggressively incorporate rigorous environmental and social standards into the credit-risk framework.

Thermal-fired electricity generation to decline precipitously in not-so-distant future

In its annual energy-markets forecast, the IEA remains behind the curve, but not as far behind as it was.

Mounting risks of impairments globally in coal investments

Changes sweeping the electricity sectors in Japan and China suggest a hugely uncertain future for coal-fired power and a rapidly increasing risk of stranded assets.

IEEFA calls for ban on US coal exports

Comments filed in Government review of Powder River Basin lease program.

As Arch Coal falters, so do its hopes for an export terminal in the Pacific Northwest

The odds that the proposed Millennial coal-terminal expansion in Longview, Wash., will ever happen are plummeting right alongside Arch Coal’s fortunes.

More headline risk around Alberta’s oil sands industry

Questions multiply on future of Canadian projects.

Coal producers: Another year older and deeper in debt

The EIA sees U.S. coal production declining by an additional 20 million tons this year to about 900 million tons.