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Top paid positions at Canadian mines

General managers average $212,790 per year at Canadian mines

IntelligenceMine releases another product update

IntelligenceMine (Mining Intelligence for Researchers, Investors and Suppliers) is pleased to have released another significant product update just before the year ends.

America's top coal producers of 2015

These mines accounted for more than one quarter of U.S. coal production in 2015.

Driest mines in North America

Some of the mines on this list get less than 100 mm of precipitation per year.

North America's 10 highest mines

North America's highest mines are all concentrated in just four states

The world's southernmost mines

Chile's Invierno coal mine is, by far, the southernmost mine on the planet.

The world's northernmost mines

They are all located in just three countries: Norway, Russia and Canada.

The world's 10 coldest mines

With temperatures that can drop to nearly -50°C, these mines offer some of the most challenging working conditions in the world.

The world's 10 driest mines

Average annual precipitation at many of these mines is zero.

The world's 10 wettest mines

One of these mines gets more than fives times the rain of Canada's rainiest city.

The world's 10 highest mines

Eight of the world's highest elevation mines are in one country

Vancouver is where miners still hang their hats

Over 1,400 companies with Lotusland addresses.