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Fear index hits multiyear low; are Investors Too Comfortable?

The reality is that both traders and investors appear to be really comfortable at this moment with the record-high levels in the stock market.

The best and worst investment strategies to battle coming inflation

he S&P 500 may be entering bubble-like territory: that’s what I’ve been writing for the past few months.

What a phone call from my Aunt told me about the stock market

I continue to watch the stock market with skepticism.

A safe way to profit from China’s 700 IPOs to list in 2014

I pushed the “go” button on China a long time ago now, and I’m certainly not set to press “stop” yet, as I continue to feel the country is one of the top growth areas […]

How to insure your portfolio as Fed second guesses its monetary policy

One of the most interesting ideas that came out of the last Federal Reserve meeting at the end of October is a serious issue for everyone, including the Federal Reserve and the eventual impact of monetary policy.

Uranium stocks for long-term investing success?

Many times people ask me how I come up with my investment strategy.

What the really bad Black Friday numbers this year mean

A few weeks ago, we saw many of the key retailers reporting some results and warning that sales in the retail sector could be sluggish during the holiday shopping season.

Time to take a page out of the Almanac this winter?

In my previous article, I discussed the new record highs achieved by the stock market and how it looks like there will be more gains to come.

Avoid regret: accumulate gold bullion now

There are many ways to try to get a handle on where the market is currently trading and what’s likely to come.

Did you give thanks this weekend for the Fed’s easy money policy?

Reflecting on this past Thanksgiving weekend, there was a lot to be thankful for, especially if you have been long in the stock market for the past four years.

Is this commodity the next big trade in energy stocks?

In many cases, companies in transformative industries can, at times, offer significant value—and natural gas is no exception.

With new Fed chair unlikely to taper, how does your portfolio profit?

Continued tapering by the Federal Reserve will also likely pressure the greenback going forward. If this happens, we could see some buying in gold and silver, which means there may be a trading opportunity emerging.

Why America may be fabricating its jobs numbers

Massaging the reported numbers may make them look better on the surface, but we all know that the jobs market situation is much worse than reported.

2014: The year for gold bullion investors?

With much more money printing coming down the pipeline—and gold bullion significantly underperforming the stock market—investors can look for a catch-up move in precious metals going forward.

Why the sell-off in gold bullion is based on faulty logic

If inflation gets out of control, I would rather already own gold bullion than join the crowd scrambling to jump on board again.

Monetary stimulus leaving average Americans and precious metals behind

Investors are buying heavily into the stock market, while gold and silver are languishing. This is the perfect time to be rebalancing a well-diversified portfolio.

Update: Gold a boon for speculative traders

I would not be adding the yellow ore as a buy-and-hold strategy. However, investors can consider buying on weakness as it falls towards $1,250 and selling on surges above $1,300.

Rising number of Americans see China as dominant world power in 2020

Investors would be wise to consider investing in Chinese stocks at this time.

Stock market warning: margin debt hits record-high $401 billion

An increase in margin debt is really a story of investor sentiment.

Two precious metals with a compelling supply-demand dynamic

Two precious metals that are developing increased demand from industrial use: platinum and palladium.

What Caterpillar's big drop in earnings means for the general stock market

After reading the outlook for corporate earnings and revenue, it’s hard to logically believe that Caterpillar’s stock price will accelerate.

Five-year Bull Market run showing signs of fading?

A soft jobs reading came out last Tuesday, and the stock market…soared?

How to invest in this fundamentally broken economy

Well, the latest numbers related to job creation were recently released and to no one’s surprise, they were worse than expected.

What’s really behind China’s economic growth and why it won’t last

When I read some of the headlines by other news organizations, sometimes I can’t help but chuckle at their oversimplification.

How to prepare your investments for another government standoff ahead

Hooray for the folks in Washington! The playground battles among politicians have settled for now, but trust me, it’s going to get nasty again as we move towards the extended deadlines in the New Year.