Jack Caldwell

Jack Caldwell, P.E. has a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering, an M.Sc. (Eng.) in Geotechnical Engineering and a post-graduate law degree. He has over 35 years engineering experience on mining, civil, geotechnical and site remediation projects. He has worked on numerous projects throughout southern Africa, Europe, Canada and the United States. You can follow his blog at I THINK MINING.

Why DNPV may be better than NPV

Net present value can lead to substantial valuation errors, particularly for long-term investments which are typical for large infrastructure projects.

Why Mount Polley failed

Jack Caldwell speculates on why Mt. Polley failed by examining the satellite images.

Mt. Polley: Expert panel review

"I do not believe a better panel could be found."

Geosynthetics solutions in mining

On September 8 to the 11 2014, InfoMine is hosting the first international conference on Geosynthetics Solutions in Mining. Why a conference on geosynthetics in mining when there are other conferences on geosynthetics? Two reasons: […]

What caused the Mount Polley tailings pond failure?

“Whatever the facts, the failure casts a poor light on the industry, and makes all of our jobs more difficult in the future.”

Tsilquot’in Nation and BC Mining–Canada’s supreme court ruling

Almost everybody in mining that I talk to has an adverse opinion about the recent Canada Supreme Court ruling that the Crown has a duty to obtain First Nations or Aboriginal consent before mining on claimed land.   Opinions include: “Why invest in potential new mines in BC?  The natives will oppose—forever as far as investing […]

What it takes to be a mine manager at a fly-in, fly-out camp

I have not posted on this blog the past few days. The reason: I was at a fly-in, fly-out camp where the internet connection is sporadic and they do not make it easy to access spurious blogs.

Paste 2014: Great Papers, Great Venue, Great Events

An unprecedented number of papers have been submitted for the upcoming 17th International Seminar on Paste and Thickened Tailings, to be held in Vancouver, Canada from June 8th to 12th this year.

Ten books every miner should read

Conference proceedings are the lifeblood of knowledge accumulation and transfer in the mining industry.

2013 Mining Deaths

Forty-two miners died in work-related accidents at the nation’s mines in 2013, an increase from the 36 miners who died in 2012.

A new mining investment rule: One strike plus and out

One theory is that a mine can come to be if it has but one thing against it; but two things against it, and it is doomed to failure.

Anglo American under fire in Chile for environmental violations

Maybe we are seeing only the tip of the wave (iceberg) of past failures of past parsimonious decisions.

Anglo abandons Pebble: Let Alaska now decide for itself

Just how long can you throw money at so controversial a project with such strong opposition?

2013 survey of Canadian mine salaries

This time we look at the annual salaries (in thousands of Canadian $) for mainly engineering types in Canadian mines. 

Mine closure: Who pays giant costs?

Should we tax existing mines to pay for closure of old mines?

International Mining Technology Hall of Fame seeks nominations

Make your nominations for induction of great mining folk.

Judgment in tailings management

On the simple pleasures and coming to a deeply-informed judgment in civil engineering.

Join us for an Advanced Tailings Management webcast

Back by popular demand in a newly updated format.

Flying out of mining fly-in, fly-out camps

Life lived around the routine of jetting to and from the job.

Open pits and craters change the landscape but civil engineers improve society

We are charged with using the forces of nature for the benefit of mankind.

'Never let engineers talk to the client'

Clients should not let themselves get rolled over by arrogant consultants.

Invest in mining in the downturn

One of the miracles of the free-market system is that when one person sells a share, there is another who is buying.

Mining health and safety: ICMM and Marcus Evans

Report and conference provides opportunity to collate ideas, themes and opportunities to improve.

Risk resilience in mining

The people who use the term assure me it is not new, just not recognized in mining for its power.

Mine water dragons: Challenges and solutions

Plus the latest assessment on Bristol Bay and Pebble Mine by the US Environmental Protection Agency.