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James Kwantes is a Vancouver journalist and investor who runs the World of Mining blog at www.worldofmining.com.

Chasing the carat: The Friedlands go diamond-hunting

Part 2 picks up the story when several key Ashton executives and employees moved on to Peregrine Diamonds.

Chasing the carat: How Queen of Diamonds Eira Thomas came full circle

Thomas has returned to her diamond exploration roots to option several projects from Stornoway Diamonds.

The copper clash and the reclusive Russian billionaire

Russian billionaire Vladimir Iorich keeps a low profile, but has shown he’s ready to play for high stakes – as some shareholders in mining companies he covets have discovered.

Thanks bro: one Friedland helps another

Eric Friedland has been buying Peregrine Diamonds as the stock sinks lower

Gold: Part of Greece’s salvation?

It’s not just the ancient ruins that are deteriorating in Greece. With unemployment at 25% and youth unemployment more than 50%, the country’s very social fabric is at risk of unravelling, as austerity’s chokehold produces street clashes and clouds of tear gas.

Lumina Copper: good things come to those who wait

For a while, Lumina Copper (LCC) shares defied gravity. As of Mar. 28, when shares closed at $17, the stock had a one-year return of 150% — while most TSX Venture stocks were getting pummelled.