Jeb Handwerger - Gold Stock Trades

Gold maintains value despite oil and stock market crash

Investors should analyze 2016 year to date action as it is generally a good predictor of how the year will look.

Look for big rally in junior miners in January after tax loss selling

Be prepared to pick up quality situations during tax loss selling season and benefit off of a powerful January Effect rally.

Junior gold miners (GDXJ) breaking three month downtrend?

Junior Gold Miners facing shakeout?

Megaphone Top in S&P 500, huge volume bullish reversal in junior gold miners?

Smart investors should be accumulating gold and silver coins and high quality junior mining stocks trading now at historic lows.

Could gold equities bottom at 2008 credit crisis lows?

This is not a time to panic but continue to accumulate as the bear market may be reaching the final capitulation stage.

Buying opportunity in junior miners comes once every six years

Risk taking is a natural part of life, especially in the capitalist system where the greater the risk, the increased potential reward.

Russian sanctions “Putin” pressure on uranium supply

A few months ago, I believed uranium would bounce off lows and make a powerful move higher.

Junior miners breaking out higher forecasting gold and silver bottom?

The junior miners are usually a leading indicator. Is this outperformance forecasting an inflection point for the precious metals?

Smart money looking at this junior miner on the Cortez Trend in Nevada

Cortez District hosts Barrick’s most profitable mines and exploration growth.

Tesla's gigafactory and recent M&A boosting lithium sector to new highs

Sector on verge of major breakout.

Japanese nuclear reactors could reignite uranium mining

Be prepared for a rally in the uranium mining sector.

Junior miners breaking through resistance to the upside

The gold (GLD) and silver (SLV) price may be reversing over the next couple of weeks.

Nickel, palladium and platinum outperforming in 2014

Not all is bad in the metals sector.

Is Western Europe going to rethink nuclear after Ukrainian crisis?

At the end of 2013, I was very bullish on uranium as I believed the end of the 20 year Russian Nuclear Agreement would spark a rally as utilities would have to buy in the spot market.

Tesla’s Gigafactory Could Power Up Lithium and Graphite Producers

The correction in the lithium ETF may be an opportunity for long-term believers in the electrification of automobiles.

Why nickel may be just beginning a major breakout move

Demand for nickel is increasing every year.

Uranium miners making quantum leaps higher

The sentiment for the junior miners is turning positive. This rally is just not for the gold and silver miners.

Time to focus on economically viable junior gold miners in Nevada

We may have seen the bottom in the precious metals and the miners.

Is this the cheapest you will see precious metal and miners in your lifetime?

Buy straw hats in winter when no one wants them and wait to sell them when the summer heat wave hits.