Jeremy Gordon

Quick reactor decommissioning in Germany

Two of the German reactors ordered to shut after Fukushima will be dismantled as soon as possible. EnBW has applied for permission to do the work and said it has more than enough funds set aside.

Funding increased for Yucca Mountain review

An additional $10 million in funding has been approved for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to complete its review of the licence application for the Yucca Mountain repository. Last year, the NRC shelved the review after funding was slashed.

Japan completely without nuclear power for the first time since 1970

Japan will find itself without nuclear power for the first time since 1970 as the last of its currently operating nuclear reactors prepares to go offline.

Optimism from industry on Fukushima anniversary

Industry leaders remain bullish on nuclear power's prospects in coming decades, in part because of the high priority that has been placed on identifying and addressing potential weaknesses such as were revealed last year at Fukushima Daiichi.

End in sight for Extract buyout

The directors of Extract Resources, would-be developer of the Husab uranium deposit in Namibia, have urged shareholders to accept a buyout offer from China Guangdong Nuclear Power Company subsidiary Taurus Mineral.

Imminent construction of Baltic nuclear power plant

Engineers are preparing to pour the concrete foundation of the Baltic Nuclear power plant in Kaliningrad. Once underway, it will be the ninth power reactor under construction in Europe.

Eye-watering cost of renewable revolution

Germany's energy policy could cost some €1.4 trillion ($1.8 trillion) by 2030 even before the cost of the nuclear shutdown is taken into account.

Patchy global support for nuclear new-build

World Nuclear News reports a massive worldwide poll with more than than 23,000 respondents has shown widely varying levels of support for the use of nuclear energy. A large majority in countries that use nuclear want to keep doing so, but only a few nations showed strong support for new build. The poll included some 23 countries and gave respondents three options for what should be done regarding the use of nuclear power plants: shut them down as soon as possible; build new ones; or keep using current plants but not build more.

ABWR fit for aircraft impact

American safety regulators have certified an amended version of the Advanced Boiling Water Reactor (ABWR), opening the door for its construction at the South Texas Project and other US sites.

Concerns of fission at unit 2

The possible detection of xenon at Fukushima Daiichi 2 has led to questions over ongoing fission, but detection is uncertain and a translation error may have exacerbated anxiety.

Forgemasters' nuclear loan

UK manufacturer Sheffield Forgemasters has been offered a government loan of up to £36 million ($57 million) "to continue its drive into civil nuclear and steelworks plant production." The money will be fully repaid in time, but should help the compa...

Atomic Ivan in love with the atom

In a unique public communication project, Russia's state atomic energy company Rosatom has lent its support to a feature film set at a nuclear power plant. Atomic Ivan follows a demanding and ambitous young scientist with an obsession for experiencing all human feelings.

Nuclear regulation bill introduced to Indian parliament

A bill to set up a new national nuclear authority and other regulatory bodies to oversee radiation and nuclear safety has been introduced to India's lower house, the Lok Sabha.

Major power users book into nuclear

Generators and major users of power in Belgium have come together in a consortium called Blue Sky to contract supplies of nuclear power.

First Japanese reactor resumes normal operation

CLARIFIED: Unit 3 at the Tomari nuclear power plant on Japan's northern Hokkaido island has resumed operation after a periodic inspection. It is the first reactor to be restarted in the country since the 11 March earthquake and tsunami.

Quality and document control for UAE nuclear

Kocen of South Korea has won a contract for a range of quality-control services supporting the forthcoming Braka nuclear power plant in the UAE, including on-site checks at manufacturing bases.

Reserves grow at Husab

Estimated uranium reserves at the Husab uranium project in Namibia have increased by 37%, ensuring an operating life of over 20 years for Extract Resources Ltd's planned mine, the company has announced.

US new nuclear build before 2012

Southern Company is expecting to begin full construction of two reactors at the end of this year, having been given a licensing schedule by the nuclear safety regulators.

ERA counts costs of Ranger suspension

Energy Resources of Australia (ERA) has published half-year losses thanks to an extended suspension of production at the Ranger uranium mine. It has also cancelled a heap-leach project and slashed uranium reserves in a reclassification decision.

Final environmental approval for new Namibia uranium mine

Namibia's Ministry of Environment and Tourism has granted environmental approval for the linear infrastructure for the proposed Husab uranium project to Extract Resources subsidiary Swakop Uranium. The approval, covering access roads, electricity, telecommunications and water supply, is the final environmental approval needed for the project. The project mining area received environmental approval in January. Extract is now waiting to receive a mining licence from the Ministry of Mines, according to managing director Jonathan Leslie.