The outlook for mining M&A

Despite difficult conditions, some companies have remained active.

Precious metals: Today's similarities with 1976

Gold, gold stocks, the stock market and commodities appear to be in a similar position today compared to 1976.

Precious metals need equity market weakness

Given the scope of the decline in precious metals, some generalist or mainstream money needs to come in for the sector to sustain a rebound.

The bottoming process for precious metals

The bad news is we are already five months into this bottoming process and it can continue for several more months.

Another chance coming to buy gold and silver stocks

The bottom line is the current correction or consolidation is quite healthy for the sector.

Final capitulation coming

Our recent calls for a bottom have been proven wrong as precious metals plunged to another new low.

Major summer rebound in the gold stocks

The rebound is just about here and will pay big rewards to those who are long.

Six reasons why gold stocks will begin a huge rally

It’s been a tough road for precious metals but the path ahead has strong potential.

When will gold bull resume?

Precious metals won’t sustain a rebound until the S&P 500 completes its cyclical bull market.

Gold stocks to rebound in may

We see plenty of evidence that augurs for a strong recovery in May.

Trends in major asset classes set to shift

The latest warning sign on US equities came from the recent issue of Barron’s. A recent survey of big money managers showed extreme bullish sentiment.

Gold bears suddenly appear, more emboldened than ever

After being slaughtered for the majority of the last decade and more, they finally won a victory.

Silver is following its 1970s pattern

The cyclical bear market in silver is serving its purpose.

Charts to provide perspective for gold bulls

Most chartists use daily or weekly charts. Few look at monthly charts. I don’t know of anyone (myself included) who pays any attention to quarterly charts.

Next US-dollar peak is catalyst for precious metals, hard assets

The US-dollar tends to be negatively correlated with commodity prices, while this is true in the short-term, it is not always so over the long-term.

Gold fails to break support despite extreme negative sentiment

Despite all of the bearish sentiment, the panic and bad-mouthing, gold (and silver) has maintained its consolidation.

Time to buy precious metals now

We are ready to say that now is the time to begin buying and we’ll show you why.

Is gold becoming a risk-off asset?

Gold is positioning itself contrary to risk-on assets — it has detached from the stock market and that is a good thing.

Gold mining margins will expand further

The financial crisis was a major catalyst for the gold mining industry. Gold surged against oil and industrial metals. These ratios held their ground and are reaching higher levels once again.

Will a Bear Market in stocks hurt gold stocks?

The relationship between gold stocks (while in a secular bull market) and the broad market (while in a secular bear market) is difficult to diagnose and that is what makes it so interesting.

Precious Metals: keep it simple

This weekend I had a conversation with a fund manager friend who I admire. He lives in the Asia-pac region and has tremendous knowledge of and insight into markets.

Comparing the 2012 bottom to past bottoms

Mark Twain said that history doesn’t repeat itself but it rhymes.

Large cap miners underperforming the juniors and silver stocks

While the precious metals sector has consolidated and struggled to find a bottom, an important development has taken place. First, let's harken back to 2007-2008.

Gold and silver enter period of low volatility and disinterest

Gold and Silver have been correcting multi-year advances.

Failed bottom in gold stocks initiates start of capitulation

It was only a week ago we felt the gold stocks had a great chance of putting in a bottom. Monday supported our thesis but after Tuesday’s action and Bernanke’s jawboning it was apparent that the gold shares were in for a very difficult period.