Mainstream Hacks Deny Gold its Fundamentals

Yesterday I came across a clip from one of the business channels. The discussion was about “king dollar” and Gold. (The king dollar probably gives it away). Anyway, one of the guests quipped, “I’m on record that Gold is a dumb trade. It is rising based on fear and confusion and when that subsides, the Gold trade ends.”

Buying Gold Amidst A World Full Of Bubble Markets

Yesterday I came across a clip from one of the business channels. The discussion was about “king dollar” and gold. (The king dollar probably gives it away). Anyway, one of the guests quipped, “I’m on […]

Why Rising Rates are Super-Bullish for Gold and Silver

Heading into 2011, the consensus outlook on precious metals is slightly positive but the consensus believes that higher interest rates will ultimately support the US currency and in turn engender a move out of Gold. […]

Three Things that Could Halt Gold's Run

Normally we write about the things and conditions that cause precious metals to rise. While these things may be obvious, the corresponding rise in the bull market will not always be consistent and linear. Small […]

The One Reason you Have to Own Gold & Silver

Analysts and pundits provide various reasons for the bull market in Gold. This includes emerging market demand, low interest rates, money printing, central bank accumulation, central bank policies and falling gold production. These are all […]

Commodities Have Detached from US$, are Rising in Real Terms

In the first phase of its bull market in the earlier portion of the last decade, Commodities began a bull market on the back of a falling US Dollar. The greenback declined while commodities, stocks, […]

Gold Breakout in Real Terms Means Good Times are Ahead for Gold Bulls

In past commentaries, I've written about my favorite form of technical analysis. That is intermarket analysis. Intermarket analysis takes traditional technical analysis much further. Normally, we'd look at a market by itself. We'd look at […]

There is no head and shoulders pattern in Gold

In the past week I've seen more than a few mentions of the potential head and shoulders pattern in Gold. A head and shoulders pattern occurs when a market forms three peaks and the middle […]

Update on Gold Juniors

GDXJ is the ETF for junior miners and in particular junior gold companies. This sector has been very strong in 2010 and has solidly outperformed its counterpart, GDX as well as Gold.

Gold Standard Manifesto

A great quote from William Osler typifies the evolution of our current monetary system. He said: "The philosophies of one age have become the absurdities of the next, and the foolishness of yesterday has become […]

Politicians cannot stop the Gold Bull Market

I can guess the bear argument before they begin to make it. The republicans win congress and there will be a new mandate. Spending will be cut. Money printing may cease. We may have austerity […]

Want Leverage to Gold and Silver? Avoid the Large-Caps

Days ago I was watching Peter Schiff on Yahoo Tech Ticker. Normally, I find myself in agreement with Schiff. This time, however I disagreed with his comments on the gold stocks. He was saying to […]

Don't Get Shaken Off the Gold Bull

The question now is not whether Gold will go higher or not. Most of us know the primary trend is higher and will continue in the years ahead. The real question is three-fold. Are you […]

Technical Targets for Gold, Silver & the Gold Stocks

The precious metals sector is at an important juncture. Let's take a look at the potential upside targets.

Silver Stocks Offer Value

In our last editorial we showed a few charts of our junior gold and junior silver indices.

Update on Junior Golds and Junior Silvers

I maintain two indices for premium subscribers so that we can better track the junior precious metals sector. These four charts should give you a better idea of the current state of the sector. The […]

Why Gold Stocks are Certain to Go Higher

Certain may not be the best word to use in a post-bubble world. Is anything truly certain? Ok maybe not. If you don’t like certain then lets replace it with “highly probable.”

More Clueless Mainstream Commentary on Gold

By Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT Once again we see another bearish piece on Gold in the WSJ. Rather than attack the author personally, we want to illustrate how the article is another example of the lack […]

Gold and Gold Stocks are the Last Hope for Most

Tell this to a baby boomer or a middle aged person and they would be quite skeptical. Their neighborhood financial advisor or planner doesn't advocate Gold. It is too dangerous. It could drop to $500. […]

Gold Stock Fundamentals Now versus 2008

Escalating sovereign debt problems in Europe has prompted some to wonder if another "Lehman" type collapse is on the horizon. As a result, some precious metals observers have grown cautious, fearing a replay of the […]

Gold and Gold Stock Update

The following is a brief snippet of Wednesday's 16-page update. Go here for more information on our service and a free 14-day no risk trial. Gold Gold remains on track (as far as our template).  […]

The Path to Hyperinflation

As we've discussed recently, persistent deflationary forces do not augur for a repeat of Japan circa 1990s or the US in the 1930s. Instead, because of the inability of government's to finance their current and […]

Deflation and Economic Weakness Are the Best Catalysts for Gold

Recently, I had written about how a deflationary impulse in the capital markets would be a catalyst for the gold stocks. This turned out to be accurate as stocks and commodities weakened while treasuries and […]

Gold & Silver: The Only Game in Town 2010-2011

There are numerous reasons both fundamental and technical as to why the precious metals complex will surge over the next 18 months. The sector's surge will be reinforced by the lack of an obvious trend […]

Gold Will Emerge as the Only Safe Haven

In the wake of continuing global financial turmoil, we hear quite a bit about "safe havens." Ask someone today and they'd tell you that the US Treasuries are a safe haven and probably Gold also. […]