Jordan Roy-Byrne – The Daily Gold

Here’s what gold is waiting for

Gold was well bid during the equity correction but it could not breakout then and has retreated as equities have roared back.

One big, potential catalyst for gold in 2018

The rebound in the precious metals sector continues.

Here are the key levels in gold & gold miners

Gold stocks blew past their 200-day moving averages, gold over $1300/oz. Now let's take a technical look and focus on key support and resistance targets.

Here’s 5 reasons gold stocks will breakout in 2018

Why should we expect gold stocks to breakout this year? Jordan Roy Byrne from The Daily Gold provides five reasons.

Gold stocks break, gold to follow

We’ve been persistently bearish on precious metals since September and that has annoyed our readers.

What history says for gold stocks in 2018-2019

"Back in March of this year we noted that the gold stocks could be following the path of recovery of housing stocks since their 2009 bottom."

More downside potential in gold stocks

While we expected the gold stocks to correct and test GDX $22 and GDXJ $35, we did not expect it to happen so quickly.

Gold is oversold but broken

Gold is clearly broken but its decline is due for a pause. Gold has been strongly correlated to the bond market which may have made an interim low last Wednesday.

More weakness ahead in gold stocks

The gold stocks continue to correct their epic +150% rebound that began in January and ran into the summer.

Monthly charts argue for lower prices in precious metals complex

The trading month doesn’t always end on a Friday but when it does we like to take a look at the monthly charts.

Gold and gold stocks corrective action continues despite dovish Federal Reserve

There were some hopes that a non-move by the Fed would end the current correction in precious metals and spark a move to new highs. Unfortunately, the Federal Reserve cannot override the supply and demand component of the market.

Gold and gold stocks bull analogs

Over the past two weeks the precious metals complex has retested its Brexit breakout and rebounded back to the July highs.

Correction over, gold and gold stocks eyeing new highs

One minute you are projecting another 5-10% downside and the next, the market has left lower prices in the dust.

Gold demand remains stable during sector weakness

The amount of Gold in GLD has risen steadily even as Gold consolidated a few months back and has been stable in recent weeks even as Gold and gold stocks correct their Brexit breakouts.

The upside potential in junior gold stocks

Our research continues to argue that the current, record rebound in gold stocks will continue.

Jason Zweig: Still wrong on gold

Zweig fails to mention anything about the importance of real rates and instead resorts to the typical anti-gold arguments.

Are junior gold stocks following 2008-2009 recovery?

Given the reaction to the jobs news, the probabilities say the juniors are more likely to follow the red path (2009) or something close to it then the blue path (2001).

Correction or final push higher?

Despite maintaining an overbought condition and despite the recent bearish posture of many sector pundits, the gold stocks have yet to correct more than 11%.

Gold stocks: Extended but more upside potential

All weakness has been bought as a wall of worry has been built and the sector emerges from a historic low that could be on par with the 1942 low in the stock market.

Gold stocks climbing epic wall of worry

In recent weeks readers and followers of various gold centric websites have been bombarded with bearish commentaries from pundits and analysts forecasting a correction.

Gold stocks breakout, gold to follow

There is logical reason to be cautious if not bearish at this point.

Gold stocks correcting through time not price

The longer gold stocks hold above initial support, the greater the chance they are building a bullish flag consolidation.

What to watch for in gold & gold stocks

Gold and gold stocks are trading above the 400-day moving average which has been key resistance since 2011. Holding that support in the days or weeks ahead would offer confirmation that a new bull has started.

Precious metals ignore correction calls

Many gold bulls continue to expect a correction while losing sight of the bigger picture: precious metals are in a new bull market.

Can gold climb to $1400/oz?

While we cannot predict the future, we think there is some chance that Gold could reach Jeff Gundlach’s target before a sustained correction.