Chile trims its 2018, 2019 copper price forecasts

Cochilco lowered its average copper price prediction for this year by $0.03 to $2.97 per pound on Thursday in its second negative projection in six months.

The last time gold and dollar did this, gold won — Rick Rule

Gold prices have been under pressure lately as risk appetite grew in the marketplace.

The US Fed has $300bn in gold, new book reveals

Jim Rickards' latest book "The New Case for Gold" reveals that the Fed is holding massive amounts of gold at Fort Knox and West Point.

Close enough to a bottom, gold best alternative for investors — Doug Casey

Doug Casey, founder of Casey Research, told Kitco News that he expects prices to move higher next year.

Natixis sees gold averaging $990 in 2016

Natixis sees gold prices averaging $990 an ounce in 2016 on expectations for higher U.S. interest rates and strength in the U.S. dollar, the French bank said in a report released Friday.

Mark Bristow have never seen this in 30 years

"Never have I seen an opportunity like I feel is appearing in the market for M&A before, in 30 years."

Is Goldcorp throwing in the towel in Argentina?

Goldcorp CEO Chuck Jeannes talks about the company’s Cerro Negro mine in Argentina, which was hit hard by over $2 billion in impairment charges.

Locals rejoice over Kershaw gold mine accord

Kershaw Mayor Wayne Rhodes smiled with relief this week when he learned that a gold mine proposed for his community had settled differences with an environmental group.

U.S. Mint to start offering 2015 gold coins Jan. 5, silver coins Jan. 12

The U.S. Mint plans to sell 2015-dated gold bullion coins beginning Jan. 5 and silver coins a week later, the agency said.

Switzerland’s gold referendum fail could drag gold prices lower

The “spectacular” fail of Switzerland’s gold referendum should help maintain gold’s current down trend, said one market analyst.

Continental Gold continues to beat the odds in Colombia

Toronto-based explorer Continental Gold is stepping closer to developing a commercial-scale underground gold-silver mine in northwestern Colombia , with at least one analyst cheering on the progress.

Mining firms urge cuts in Zambia's new royalty rates

The increased mining tax framework included in Zambia's 2015 Budget earlier this month has been subject to criticism as, according to the Chamber of Mines of Zambia (CMZ), it will reduce the country's attraction for mining investment and reduce employment.

Gold weaker but fear limits downside

Gold futures prices ended the US day session moderately lower Thursday, on some backing and filling on the charts after prices Wednesday hit a five-week high. However, the keen trader and investor anxiety in the world market place did limit selling interest in safe-haven gold.

Kitco fills impending silver fix void

Kitco’s Silver Fixing price is derived by a unique algorithm that averages the spot price between bid/offer on the wholesale silver market, as quoted by internationally recognized bullion dealers.

Cyprus Central Bank spokesperson says $523m gold sale never discussed

It was “never discussed nor are there current or future plans to do so on the board’s agenda.”

Outlook 2013: Gold-mining stocks expected to rise as companies reduce costs

Gold-mining stocks were generally considered undervalued during 2012 but that trend is expected to change in 2013 as mining companies are expected to bring down production costs.

Comex gold ends firmer on bullishly postured outside markets, but trading remains choppy

Comex gold futures prices ended the U.S. day session moderately higher Thursday. The key outside markets were in a bullish posture for the precious metals—weaker U.S. dollar index and higher crude oil prices. Trading in gold and silver remains ch...

Barclays remains positive about PGMs, favours palladium

Barclays Capital analysts say the pullback in platinum group metals since winter offers “attractive buying opportunities: "We expect palladium prices to average $700/oz in 2012 and platinum to average $1,622/oz."

Survey participants divided over views on gold market direction next week

This week’s sharp sell-off and China’s weak data have survey participants in the Kitco News Gold Survey split on the direction for prices next week.

Plan Nord: Quebec's First Diamond Mine "Getting Their Ducks In A Row" In 2012

Stornoway Diamond Corp. (TSX:SWY) will make it a priority during 2012 to obtain all the permitting and financing needed to get its northern Quebec Renard Project in construction by mid-2013, according to company officials.

2012 Outlook: PGMs To Be On Defensive In Early 2012; Recovery Will Hinge On Economy

During the early months of 2012, the platinum group metals may resemble the fictional-movie boxer Rocky Balboa early in his bouts–taking punches and generally on the defensive, in this case because economic uncertainty means worries about growth in industrial demand for PGMs.

Gold's High in 2012 Seen At $2,200 Oz, Silver At $45–Barclays Capital

Gold should trade as high as $2,200 an ounce in 2012 and silver should touch $45, Barclays Capital said Thursday in a research note.                 

Indian gold import data disappoints – Commerzbank

Indian gold import data is much lower than expected, according to the Bombay Bullion Association, says Commerzbank, and this could have implications for physical prices. Commerzbank notes that the association says India imported “only” 125 tons of gold in the fourth quarter of 2011, with buyers hampered by a combination of high prices and high domestic interest rates.

Gold could go down to $1,600/oz. – even lower – in this correction! Here's why

Gold is in the bump phase of a seven-year Bump-and-Run Reversal Top pattern which typically occurs when excessive speculation drives prices up steeply, and is now at a critical juncture which could change the long-term trend of gold.

Barclays: Chinese Copper Buyers Appear 'Cautious' For Now

By Kitco News (Kitco News) - Chinese copper buyers appear “cautious” despite stable consumption within the country, say analysts with Barclays Capital. Price movements may have fallen short of expectations that Chinese buyers would come into the ma...