Mining Association of Nova Scotia (MANS)

Nova Scotia miners announce winners of student video contest

The Mining Association of Nova Scotia has announced the winners of its Mining ROCKS! video contest.

Nova Scotia miners hand cash to kids who can prove industry ‘rocks’

Students upload their videos to the MANS website and a panel of judges will pick the winners for the Best Junior High School Video, Best High School Video, Best Comedy, and Best 30-Second Commercial.

Fuel tax rebate comes into effect for Nova Scotia-based mining companies

Provincial fuel tax is supposed to help pay for public roads and highways by charging the vehicle owners who use them. The Nova Scotia government gives other resource industries a tax rebate for fuel used in vehicles that do not go on public roads, such as fishing boats, farm tractors and forestry harvesters.

Nova Scotia’s Mining Association applauds Government push for a Mineral Resources Development Fund

The Mining Association of Nova Scotia (MANS) is pleased the new provincial government budget provides funding to establish the Mineral Resources Development Fund (MRDF).