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Marc Davis is a financial news reporter for and former investment industry mining analyst.

Gold: Have your cake and eat it too

Investors love leverage.

Mining M&A revival favors “quality” Juniors

As gold prices continue to rebound, a flurry of recent mergers and acquisitions (M&A) have breathed new life into a deflated global mining industry.

Potash power plays: Russia and China act boldly

With a major global shake-up taking place in the ever increasingly-important potash world, one of the industry’s insiders talks to about what’s at stake and who’s making all the “potash power plays.”

Western Potash: Lowest hanging fruit

The Milestone project in Saskatchewan is now the most advanced undeveloped potash asset in the world.

Drilling diamond dreams in Canada's North

Vancouver-based Arctic Star Exploration Corp. may be on the verge of striking pay dirt in the Northwest Territories.

Canada’s pink gold rush attracts the world

With the precious cargo slung over his shoulder, Vikram Singh strides through his field spreading the white granular stuff where it matters most.“I can't afford to waste any...I had to buy it on the black market,” says the 38-year-old farmer from Dostpur Mangroli village in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

Next contender for Nevada’s geological jackpot?

Though Nevada’s world-famous gold fields have historically yielded over 150 million gold ounces, they are still proving to be geologically fertile hunting grounds for exploration-minded junior mining companies.

American Vanadium: Critical to U.S. industry

Heightened global demand for vanadium, especially from China, is prompting the global steel industry to aggressively seek out new supplies, especially in the U.S. where this 21st century metal is becoming increasingly indispensible. Even U.S. President Obama is championing this metal’s promise for green energy applications.

Silver: a currency for crisis

Silver is increasingly becoming a global monetary metal, mostly due to inflationary concerns and the debasement of the world’s major currencies.

Heralding Argentina's Silver Lining

With gold prices continuing to shine as the fragile global economic recovery falters yet again, equally buoyant silver prices have given the mining industry considerable impetus to increase production. But that's simply not happening. The […]

Latin America: Six Gold Juniors Amass 100-Million-Plus Ounces

Latin America represents the world's last great mineral frontier for prolific gold discoveries due to its vast land mass and its geologically fertile terrain. This is proving to be a godsend for some lucky investors, […]

Peak Gold and Inflation: A Perfect Storm

The inexorable onset of accelerating inflation, matched with a global decline in gold production, will underpin high-flying gold prices for years to come. So says John Embry, a world-renowned long-time gold advocate and the chief […]

Potash Takeover Action Heats Up in Canada

By Marc Davis, The race to build up Canada's potash supplies to keep pace with burgeoning global demand is turning Saskatchewan's tiny handful of junior potash explorers into ripe plums for the picking. Last […]

Chile's Gold Riches: Worth Fighting Over

As the gold market continues its lustrous trend, the corporate elbowing and shoving to get at the richest buried treasures is getting increasingly cutthroat. A prime example involves northern Chile's clutch of mostly prolifically sized […]

Gold’s Old Enemies: Allies in 2010

Central banks – the long-time nemesis of the gold sector – are doing an about-face to become its biggest supporters. And this quantum shift promises to gather momentum in 2010 with the prospect of a […]