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Gold supply and demand fundamentals for Q1 2013

The volume decline was driven primarily by 177 tonnes of outflows from ETFs, versus inflows of 53 tonnes last year.

Why gold stocks are the best income opportunity of 2013

Last year, I made an outrageous prediction

Getting coal in your Christmas investing stocking

The only individuals who would appreciate a dirty gift like that would be those forward looking investors who see major opportunities

Silver Downtrend Targets Support at $28.50

Silver broke down from its uptrend, formed a Double Top beneath resistance, and then went into decline

The best way to cash in on silver's next run-up

Unlike gold, after hitting a 30-year high in April of last year, silver prices dropped 45% to $26.25 in June. And today, the shiny metal presents a prime opportunity to ride its next run-up for major gains.

Gold stocks just began a huge run higher

Jeff Clark writes: A big move in gold is coming... After gold peaked just above $1,900 per ounce in August 2011, it took a well-deserved break. But now, after spending an entire year on hiatus, the bull is back.

Throwing BRICS into the fire of gold and silver investment demand

Despite ongoing pressure from the United States for China to join its sanctions against Iran due to concerns over the Islamic country’s nuclear program, an Iranian diplomat recently revealed that new energy trades between Iran and China will be settled in China’s official currency the yuan.

Gold $12,000 and Silver $1,000 twenty years from now

Should both Gold & Silver Bulls & Bears take a long winter sleep? Maybe When we look at Silver prices from 1985 to today (Green line in the chart below) and compare the evolution to the one from 1967 to 1974 (black line in the chart below), we ...

Gold and Silver Mining Stocks Approaching Most Oversold Level Since Start of Bull Market

The following chart shows the performance of mining stocks (XAU) versus the broader stock market (S&P 500). This comparison is useful in identifying periods when mining stocks are oversold or overbought versus the stock market as a whole.

Calling Another Bottom in Gold and Silver Stocks Sector

The last time I called an important bottom in the precious metals sector was on December 29, 2011 (). Well, it's time for another important bottom. I believe the late December lows in the precious metals (PM) sector were THE lows for the metals, for th...

Gold Downtrend Looks Like the Direction Ahead, Projections for 2012

Ouch, that hurts. I could see a negative move in the works but I don’t think anyone expected a plunge like this past week. Friday upside move was very unimpressive so, although we might get a bounce here, the downside still looks like the direction ahead.

China changing the global gold market

Larry D. Spears writes: While many investors have been distracted by the goings on in Europe, China has been making a dent in the global gold market by making it easier for investors to buy and invest in the yellow metal.

Is Newmont Mining a refuge for investors?

Newmont Mining (NYSE:NEM) is one of the largest gold (NYSE:GLD) producers in the world. It is the only gold producer included in the S&P 500 (NYSE:SPY) and Fortune 500.

COMEX silver stocks remain near record

The COMEX reported a massive change in silver stockpiles, an indication that at least some traders are hedging their bets to take cash off the table. On August 19, 2011, the exchange reported a serious change in total silver available, noting that silver

Dow/Gold ratio falls to post-87 stock market crash low

Today's gold buyers might still get to look like early birds as this depression wears on...

Gold miners too good to pass up

Suffocated by staggering unemployment and economic woes, many mining jurisdictions around the world are finding the nearly $1,800/ounce gold too good to pass up.

Triple-digit returns predicted for gold mining stocks

With the price of gold hitting record highs and equity prices lagging behind, Bob Moriarty, founder of, says it's time to gather some precious metals as insurance against hyperinflation or deflation—whichever may be coming our way—and to stock up on junior resource stocks.

Palladium set to regain title of most precious metal of all

In 2001 palladium reached $1,080/oz when gold was only $300/oz and platinum $715/oz. Three factors will help fuel palladium to surpass its 2001 high and well beyond says Market Oracle: Chinese auto production is expected to go from 18 million units in 2010 to a staggering 30 million vehicles by 2020. A vehicle's catalytic converter requires about 1/20th of a troy ounce of palladium and/or platinum and since platinum costs 124% more than palladium ($1,735 vs $776) it is reasonable to assume automobile manufactures will elect to use cheaper palladium. Secondly the looming palladium supply deficit and thirdly the exemplary success of pure palladium ETFs which already have over $1 billion in assets representing roughly 1.3 million oz of palladium taken off the market.

Stocks bear market rally is over mantra about to get busted again?

The stock market's 6-week downtrend has continued to below 12,000 to close on Friday at 11,951 which has increasingly given much fervour to the perma crowd to jump on the bear market mantra band wagon, who collectively are coalescing around the end of QE2 marking the end of the so called bear market rally, despite the fact that the past 2 years has seen one of the greatest bull runs in history of more than 100%.

Prepare for gold and silver profit opportunities in September

As the global economy remains in turmoil, Trader Tracks Editor Roger Wiegand finds ways to avoid the hazards he sees ahead and profit from opportunities in precious metals, commodities, currencies and resource stocks. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, Roger shares some names to help investors do the same. And, despite the hype, it isn't all clear sailing for China and the U.S. dollar isn't dead yet.