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Japan commences rare earth extraction in the Caribbean

Nippon Light Metals has commenced the extraction of rare earth minerals found in red bauxite mud in Jamaica's Hope Gardens, St. Andrew.

HD Mining extends olive branch to unions in open letter

HD Mining has requested that unions drop their legal action and engage in negotiations.

Uranium supply threatened by force majeur in Kazakhstan and Niger

Uranium supply in key producers Kazakhstan and Nigeria could be severely impeded by weather problems and political turmoil.

Oakland Resources buys up Chile's Castillo Copper

Sydney-listed Oakland Resources (ASX:OKL) has signed an implementation agreement for the acquisition of private Chilean copper explorer Castillo Copper.

Virginia legislators back study into independent currency

Legislators in Virginia have backed a study into the establishment of an independent "contingency" currency which would enjoy the backing of precious metals.

Canadian mining and oil companies set to expand staff numbers

A new survey by one of the world's leading recruitment firms reveals that nearly a half of companies in the Canadian resources sector plan to expand their staff numbers in 2013.

Online retail giant debuts its own virtual currency

Amazon, world's leading online retailer, has unveiled a new form of virtual currency

Aboriginal elder spurns million dollar offer from uranium miners

An elder from the Djok aboriginal community has hailed a move by the federal government to prevent the mining of uranium on his ancestral lands.

South Africa pushes for greater tax revenues from miners

South Africa seeks to extract greater tax revenues from its mining companies as they struggle to deal with rising costs and declining commodities prices.

Gold and silver to surge on Asian demand: Leeb

Renowned investment expert Stephen Leeb says gold and silver are set to embark upon "the greatest bull market people will ever see in their lifetimes" amidst an industrial squeeze and a surge in appetite for precious metals from Asia.

Chinese rare earth company raided by Hong Kong authorities

China Mining Resources has revealed that its Hong Kong-based offices were raided by the Independent Commission Against Corruption on January 15 in relation to a recent botched acquisition bid.

Canadian uranium miner seeks listing Down Under

Canadian uranium producer Laramide Resources (TSE:LAM) is pursuing a second listing in Australia following the cancellation of a long-standing ban on mining of the key nuclear fuel in Queensland.

Potash Corp's profits plunge on dwindling Asian demand

Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan (TSE:POT) has logged a stunning 38% decline in Q4 profits due to dwindling demand from core Asian export markets India and China.

Leading science journal approves of Keystone XL pipeline

One of the world's preeminent science journals has lent its support to the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline in a recent editorial.

US energy spending must increase to impact climate change

A leading source of opinion in the scientific world has called for US President Barack Obama to increase spending on energy R&D in order to make a meaningful difference to the climate change issue.

Chinese mining giant plunges following Hong Kong IPO

Chinalco Mining Corporation (HKSX:3688) plunged over 11% following it's debut on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on Thursday.

Australian miners resort to 'backdoor listings' as IPO market languishes

Australia's mining and oil companies have increasingly resorted to disingenuous "backdoor listings", as the country's IPO market continues to languish.

Siberian family found by Soviet mining team after four decades of total isolation

A remarkable saga of survival in the remote Siberian wilderness has recently resurfaced, concerning the discovery by Soviet mining scientists of a family who had spent four decades of their lives in complete isolation from the outside world.

Mining exploration applications plunge in Australia

Western Australia's Department of Mines and Petroleum says the number of people applying for mining exploration permits in the mineral-rich state has plunged

Interest rate hike could trigger global meltdown: Kaye

Renowned hedge fund manager William Kaye says the world faces the prospect of another financial crisis should interest rates be increased and debt burdens be rendered unserviceable.

Copper price forecasts for 2013 improve on more balanced market

HSBC has lifted its forecast for copper prices in 2013 due to expectations of a more structurally balanced market and positive sentiment.

Zimbabwe hopes to double diamond exports this year

Head of state-owned diamond company claims sales last year were hampered by US threats and sanctions.

Chinese miners repatriated from British Columbia

Canadian coal company HD Mining has sent some of its Chinese workers back to their home country following a court battle with unions in British Columbia

Solar cells could achieve record-breaking efficiency via quantum confinement

Researchers from the USA and Hungary are developing solar cells capable of record-breaking levels of efficiency via the manipulation of nano-particles.

Decades-long uranium moratorium in Virginia to be decided this week

The fate of long-standing moratorium in the mining of uranium in Virginia will be decided this week by a vote in the state's general assembly.