Michael Allan McCrae

Michael McCrae is publisher of MINING.com. Before coming to InfoMine, Michael worked as a reporter and editor for newspapers throughout British Columbia. He also worked in pre-sales for various software firms and banks.

Number of active mining projects by province ranked

Ontario is number one.

Vancouver is the world's mining capital

Sorry Toronto and Perth.

Imperial Metals announces $5 million private placement from billionaire backer

Imperial Metals reduced metal production targets earlier this month.

Mining Intelligence takes off the wrapping

“Mining Intelligence is a large-scale initiative, and we are building a new brand with world-class products and thought-provoking marketing.”

Read this driller's Q3 if you want to feel bullish about mining

Spreading sunshine.

INFOGRAPHIC: What India does with all that gold

Who buys more gold, Malayalis or Tamilians?

Sabre rattling props up gold

"Military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded".

Zinc project in Greenland receives Chinese backing

China Nonferrous Metal Mining Group is a state-owned Chinese corporation with mines in Zambia, Mongolia and Thailand.

Anglo American takes a charge of US$101M due to silicosis legal action

Appeal hearing planned for March 2018.

Uranium to stay weak for now but a 'violent price increase' is coming: Cantor

Operators dragging their feet on production cuts.

Teck's steelmaking business jumps from $52M to $785M in 2Q

What a difference a year makes.

Cameco misses with -11 cents a share adjusted loss in Q2

Cost cutting.

Driller says past quarter is 'most  promising  start  to  any  fiscal  year  ever'

New equipment being bought, new contractors being signed.

Barrick Gold is the fourth major to head to the Yukon in the past 12 months

ATAC says totals investments by Barrick could add up $63.3 million.

Wife of coal magnate being considered for Canadian ambassador: report

Picked by Trump.

Trump ends stream protection rule

Coal miners are happy.

Caterpillar will move headquarters to Chicago

Previously-announced Peoria complex will not be built.

The poorly-built, poorly-maintained dam that will kill hundreds of thousands if it fails

Located in a war frontline.

Toshiba drops 15% after flagging multi-billion-dollar nuclear writedown

The hits keep coming.

Wind power is equivalent to six nuclear power plants during Swedish storm

A record.

Peabody announces plan to emerge from bankruptcy

Proposed recoveries for key stakeholders.

Load-haul dump machines at the brink of autonomy

Resistance to change.

Liebherr introduces 100-tonne mining truck

All maintenance points are ground-level access or top-deck accessible

How to mine the side of the highway for platinum

First you need to screen for rubber, gravel, cement dust and cigarette butts.

Callinex trades higher after Rick Rule invests $5M

The zinc junior is one of the latest picks by Rule, president and CEO of Sprott U.S. Holdings.