Michael Allan McCrae

Michael McCrae is executive editor of MINING.com. Before coming to InfoMine, Michael worked as a reporter and editor for newspapers throughout British Columbia. He also worked in pre-sales for various software firms and banks. (DISCLAIMER: The author may hold securities in the articles mentioned. Nothing written should be construed as a solicitation to buy or sell any securities. Seek the advice of a broker-dealer first.)

Driller says past quarter is 'most  promising  start  to  any  fiscal  year  ever'

New equipment being bought, new contractors being signed.

Barrick Gold is the fourth major to head to the Yukon in the past 12 months

ATAC says totals investments by Barrick could add up $63.3 million.

Wife of coal magnate being considered for Canadian ambassador: report

Picked by Trump.

Trump ends stream protection rule

Coal miners are happy.

Caterpillar will move headquarters to Chicago

Previously-announced Peoria complex will not be built.

The poorly-built, poorly-maintained dam that will kill hundreds of thousands if it fails

Located in a war frontline.

Toshiba drops 15% after flagging multi-billion-dollar nuclear writedown

The hits keep coming.

Wind power is equivalent to six nuclear power plants during Swedish storm

A record.

Peabody announces plan to emerge from bankruptcy

Proposed recoveries for key stakeholders.

Load-haul dump machines at the brink of autonomy

Resistance to change.

Liebherr introduces 100-tonne mining truck

All maintenance points are ground-level access or top-deck accessible

How to mine the side of the highway for platinum

First you need to screen for rubber, gravel, cement dust and cigarette butts.

Callinex trades higher after Rick Rule invests $5M

The zinc junior is one of the latest picks by Rule, president and CEO of Sprott U.S. Holdings.

Man drinks sodium cyanide

DO NOT DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a drone sees flying through a stope

"We think the possibilities here are tremendous."

World's largest miner wants 50 pct of workforce to be female by 2025: report

"We challenge dated stereotypes about jobs in the resources industry.”

Erdene up 22% after drilling 68 metres of 2.0 g/t gold in 170 metre step-out hole

Halifax-based Erdene Resource (TSE:ERD) intersected 68 metres of 2.0 g/t gold in 170 metre step-out hole at its Bayan Khundii gold project in southwest Mongolia. The company traded up to 22% to 52 cents per share. […]

Canada's top five mining juniors doubled their market cap in 2016

All gold companies except for the top one.

Gold is going back to $1,050 says Wells Fargo analyst

Only year five in a 20-year bear cycle.

Caterpillar, GE invest $30M in material-transport robotics company

US$30 million to focus on self-driving vehicles for material transport inside manufacturing and warehouse operations.

'Believe me, gold prices will go up,' says Ron Paul

Trump or Clinton, it won't matter.

What African field work actually looks like

Great photos.

Excavators rescue wildlife

Stuck in the mud.

Gold, silver are up after Yellen backs off hike

Fed says inflation and business investment made them hold back.

Most of those roads and railways that China built were a waste, study

"A firm that systematically makes negative NPV investments will run itself aground."