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Sprott Fund Manager Jason Mayer's guide to resource stock profits

Miners are having a tough time getting funded, and although Canadian oil and gas has performed well over the last few quarters, some companies might be overvalued. No wonder investors are confused.

Jeff Desjardins and James Fraser look at junior miners in a way that may surprise you

It's never too late to find a new way to evaluate mining companies and Jeff Desjardins, and James Fraser of have developed one based on over 20 different criteria.

Filipe Martins: African miners that can generate cash flow and dividends

Low all-in gold cash costs are a good thing, says London-based GMP Securities Analyst Filipe Martins, but they don't tell the whole story.

How is Doug Casey preparing for a crisis worse than 2008?

He and his fellow millionaires are getting back to basics.

Canaccord's Luke Smith: Five Aussie companies with cash flows, low costs and MOUs

Now more than ever, only select mining companies are attracting investors.

Jocelyn August: Upcoming catalysts for precious and base metals, uranium and oil and gas plays

Three top catalysts for absolute movements in precious metals.

Tom Hayes' trio of rare earth project contenders

With the race on to develop non-Chinese REE sources, he suggests three projects likely to end up on the podium.

Graphite, lithium and REEs vital to hot Tech: Moreno

Metals, minerals play critical roles in smartphones, electric vehicles.

Brent Cook's tips for finding juniors that can survive the dust bowl

In this interview with The Mining Report, Brent Cook of Exploration Insights shares the telltale signs of success he looks for in the junior gold, phosphate and uranium sectors and discusses the synergies that stand to benefit some recent mergers.

Mark Seddon's Catch-22: we need more tungsten, but projects can't find funding

In this interview with The Mining Report, Seddon argues that a supply shortage could mean much higher prices, leading to handsome profits for those companies that get to market soonest.

Finally, good news for mining in Peru: Ricardo Carrión and Alberto Arispe

Ricardo Carrión and Alberto Arispe of Peru-based Kallpa Securities have a boots-on-the-ground view of the politics, legal battles and investment climate for precious metals mining in the Andes.

Survival strategies in the Atacama Desert: Chilean lithium miners manage by playing the regs

In this interview with The Mining Report, economist Daniela Desormeaux, founder of signumBOX and widely quoted expert on industrial chemicals, shines a light on the lithium industry for investors looking for a new opportunity.

What will shake retail investors out of their shell shock?

Speaking about what he calls "the trough of a turning point," John Kaiser of Kaiser Research Online makes the case for retail investors to look seriously at discovery exploration while waiting for metals prices—gold in particular—to move back into a supercycle.

Malcolm Shaw: why is the market ignoring these companies?

In this interview with The Mining Report, Shaw talks about these projects and more, explaining how a savvy investor can profit from diamond-in-the-rough opportunities.

Ed Sterck: Russian sanctions may have utilities squeezing less juice from uranium supply

Russia is a commodities giant, but supply isn't the major issue—enrichment is.

Night of the living dead miners: rare earth 'zombies' attack ASX, TSX

In 2010, rare earth and specialty metals market froth had speculators throwing money at a sector they didn't understand, and opportunistic resource company managers stepped up to take their money.

Three key metrics to identify a superstar investment

Etienne Moshevich, editor of, looks at three things before he decides to get excited about a company: people, projects and structure.

Zachary Schumacher's 'State of the Rare Earths' address

As China's rare earth production winds down, other sources worldwide could shape up to reward early investors.

Stephan Bogner and the rise of a Euro-Chino-Russian superpower

In this interview with The Mining Report, Bogner details what these shifting power dynamics will mean for the commodities market.

Mark Lackey: What happens to a mine deferred?

The shuttering of huge copper and iron ore projects gives the Street the blues, but the resulting squeeze in supply can lead to explosive price hikes.

Paul Adams: Investor-friendly Australian projects around the world

Rather than shoot for the stars, Paul Adams of DJ Carmichael argues that junior miners should focus on more modest projects best suited to maximizing shareholder value.

Focus Graphite Inc.: Well Positioned for 'The Next Big Thing' in Graphite

Advances in automotive battery technology are making graphite the next big thing for commodity investors. Graphite is the critical material for the new generation of batteries, even more than lithium or rare earths.

Kiril Mugerman: Graphite investors should look for large flakes, small resources

Companies that boast 80,000 ton-per-year production or high purity levels don't always impress Kiril Mugerman, mining analyst with Industrial Alliance Securities.

Paul Renken: For 2014 gains, look to uranium, PGMs and gems

Renken, senior geologist and analyst with VSA Capital, calls 2014 a soft year for gold and silver prices, but foresees stronger prices—and demand—for nickel, copper and tech metals as the year progresses.

How to vet graphite investments: Stephen Riddle

Stephen Riddle, CEO of Asbury Graphite Mills Inc., has been in the business long enough to have seen companies come and go, sometimes more than once.