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The most important question top stock pickers Keith Schaefer, Eric Coffin and Lawrence Roulston ask company presidents

Payback time? Fallback plan? Money in the bank? What would you ask the CEO of a company you were considering investing in?

Royal Nickel Corp: Indonesian ore export ban opens door to the next generation of nickel mines

Nickel prices have been weak, but the recent Indonesian government announcement banning ore shipments outside the country may be the shock that reverses the trend.

The numbers don't lie: Why the industrial minerals sector is here to stay

More than ever, companies, government and academia are forming partnerships to solve a global problem—the ongoing need for scarce critical materials.

Amanda Van Dyke: A dozen gold, copper, phosphate and uranium standouts

Investors should worry less about the right balance of specific commodities and more about the right mix of early-stage, development-stage and producing companies.

2014 graphite outlook: Price rebound, supply shift and new end uses

China's recent halting of flake graphite production in Pingdu, Shandong, made headlines, and has many investors wondering how supply may shift.

New royalty scheme a leveler in the Mexican silver space

Why—despite its higher royalty tax—Mexico remains a silver powerhouse, and which companies will feel the royalty pinch most.

Steve Yuzpe and Maria Smirnova: Why Sprott Resource Corp. sold $76m in bullion

In this interview with The Mining Report, new Sprott Resource Corp. President and CEO Steve Yuzpe discusses where the company will focus its capital, and Sprott Asset Management Associate Portfolio Manager Maria Smirnova shares her outlook for resource markets.

Why uranium and coal rank high for energy return on energy invested: Thomas Drolet

Not all energy options are equally good, says Thomas Drolet, principal of Drolet & Associates Energy Services Inc.

Richard Karn: Three Australian miners positioned for success

Sometimes the worst of times brings out the best in people. Such is the case in Australia's mining sector.

Steve Palmer: change up your portfolio's sector weightings to capture profits

In this interview with The Mining Report, Steve Palmer describes how his fund uses "bottom-up analysis" to find profit opportunities in metals, energy, life sciences and tech stocks

Play the market bottom and focus on energy commodities: Chris Berry

Commodities are and always will be a cyclical market, asserts Chris Berry of House Mountain Partners. That's why he's not sweating disappointing stock performance and flat pricing environments.

10 strategies for success in a flat commodity price market: John Kaiser

Stormy weather in the mining space has a silver lining: It is encouraging miners to develop new, innovative approaches to their business.