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Nuke the oilsands: Alberta’s narrowly cancelled plan to drill for oil with atomic weapons

Devised by California-based Richfield Oil Corporation, Project Oilsand was uncannily simple: Get an atomic bomb from the Americans and blow it up under Athabasca.

Why Canada’s last great hope for the oilsands is no slam dunk

“If it’s built, it will be used and useful.”

Oil sands advocate, tired of smears against Alberta, takes on celebrity activists in PR war

Realtor Cody Battershill has heard the stories of Calgarians travelling abroad being met with disgust when they tell people where they’re from. He’s watched a parade of celebrities — Neil Young, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Redford — come to Alberta to denounce Alberta.

Anger and confusion after worst disaster in Canadian mining history darkens B.C. town

Since that cataclysmic event a cloud has hung over little Likely, a village of perhaps 350 huddled at the top of Quesnel Lake, 600 kilometres north of Vancouver.

Mongolia’s ‘ninja miners’ help sate China’s lust for gold

In a hot, concrete hut filled with acetylene fumes, an elderly Mongolian miner struggles to contain her excitement as she plucks a sizzling inch-long nugget of gold from a grubby cooling pot and raises it to the light.

Canadian mining company denies link to shooting death of protester in Mexico

Vancouver-based mining company Fortuna Silver says it has nothing to do with the shooting death of a protester in a town near the company’s mine site in Mexico.