Partnership Africa Canada

Partnership Africa Canada (PAC) is now IMPACT: The organization with offices in Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo takes on new name

After 30 years, Partnership Africa Canada (PAC) has changed its name to IMPACT to more accurately reflect its work on natural resource management in areas where security and human rights are at risk.

Jeweller completes first export of responsible & conflict-free artisanal gold from Eastern Congo to Canada

First time any consumer good will be made out of conflict-free artisanal gold from Congo that is fully traced from mine to consumer

First responsible, conflict-free artisanal gold supply chain operational in Congo

The Just Gold project is the first to successfully trace conflict-free and legal artisanal gold from mine site to export applying regional and international standards.

Loopholes in Mali’s export tax regime make it a magnet for the illicit trade of gold in West Africa

Mali’s taxation practices applicable to gold exports have turned the country into West Africa’s illicit gold trading hub, Partnership Africa Canada said in a report published today.

Clarification by CENADEP in regards to Civil Society participation in the November 2016 Kimberley Process Plenary Session in Dubai

Partnership Africa Canada is one of the 11 members of the Kimberley Process Civil Society Coalition that is boycotting this year’s chair — the UAE.