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Ali Zamani: Former Goldman Sachs Manager says gold and gold stocks are best investment

Ali discusses how people compare the current financial situation to those of the past, however the big picture is usually different, as the underlying economic circumstances have changed.

Frank Holmes: Time to grab the commodity bull market by the horns

Frank discusses the gold and bond markets and how they have been driven by global uncertainty.

Positive divergence between gold and gold stocks spells bright future

Collin and Jordan discuss optionality plays and how they can be profitable when underlying metal prices rise.

Chaos in the EU – Trauma on the peripheries

With an end to the European Free Trade Zone, how will the world economy deal with a contraction in the European economy?

Gregor Gregersen: Singapore is an oasis of security and stability for storing bullion

They have low taxes and a stable economy- having had budget surpluses in the last 25 years for all but two years. The country’s wealth has been built on innovation and attracting foreign companies.

Bill Holter: Comparing this gold bull market to those of the past is invalid

With world debt at least twice 2008 levels we are witnessing the dawn of a new system, and have been close to a collapse twice this year already.

Matt Geiger: charge into the first half of this gold bull market

Even though the gains at the beginning of this cycle have been extreme, we still have a long way to go.

Jeff Berwick: Billionaire elites piling into gold

Jacob Rothschild, Stanley Druckenmiller, George Soros, along with his associate Crispin Odey, and other billionaire elitists are moving massively into gold.

Sprott monthly market update: How to identify a worthy private placement investment

When making private placement investments, it's imperative to understand what the company will do with the money.

Peter Schiff: QE addiction is fueling the fire that sends gold higher

There are several reasons the world economy is unsustainable within the current systems.

David Morgan: This is very likely going to be the biggest move in the precious metals complex in modern times

David Morgan thinks gold and silver have already hit bottom, and because of the unique situation in the world today, he wouldn't rule out gold lifting to $10,000!

Eric Sprott: As the Fed loses control gold prices will soar

In the opinion of billionaire Eric Sprott, what is happening to gold and gold shares is stunning.

Etai Friedman: Fund Manager goes all in on precious metals – most obvious trade on the planet!

The trade is so good that Etai just rebalanced his portfolio from a very small gold and silver allocation to 75%! And he’s not done yet.

Gold is good; uranium is great

Rick Rule is seeing new customers pouring into gold from across the spectrum. Uranium is perhaps even more exciting, as everything that needs to be in place for a truly incredible bull market is there.

Brien Lundin: Brexit underlines currency debasement as the real driver behind gold price appreciation

The Brexit vote to leave the E.U. is bullish for gold as it creates uncertainty but the real driver for the long term gold price is currency devaluation, which is happening now globally at an unprecedented rate as most countries attempt to lessen the value of their debt.

Jordan Roy-Byrne: No major pullbacks in sight for gold stocks until 2017

There are many factors in play causing volatility in the gold price but this has not effected the stocks which have performed well without any significant corrections.

Sprott monthly market update with Rick Rule: Cobalt bubble coming; Kaminak & The Yukon; streaming & royalties

In the current bull market, with more equity available, streaming and royalty companies continue to provide much needed revenue in the base metals and industrial materials sectors.

John Hathaway: $1.3B fund manager: Silver is a barometer for resource interest and it's registering ZERO

Tocqueville Gold Fund manager, John Hathaway is convinced the gold bottom is behind us simply because of the lack of people involved in the sector outside the core long term investors.

Jonathan Wellum: Investment Manager says average person has ZERO exposure to precious metals; that will change

Central banks want to debase our money. And if asset prices were to come down significantly it would wipe out the entire banking system.

Gren Thomas: Mining legend talks rare earths, diamonds, and gold

Gren shares the story of his part of the discovery of diamonds in Canada which has led to a billion dollar business.

Thom Calandra: Precious metals, uranium & other key commodities to watch

Thom discusses a few of his favorite picks, including a new gold producer in Mexico, Canarc Resources.

Gianni Kovacevic: A big increase in the number of electric cars means big demand for key commodities

Gianni Kovacevic is driving a Tesla across the US and promoting his book, 'My Electrician Drives a Porche'.

Russell Fryer: Fund manager talks favorite uranium stocks & why sector is ready to move

Russell believes that while many investors are focused on uranium demand out of China and India, more attention should be paid to demand back home.

Dev Randhawa: Fission CEO talks failed Denison merger, Chinese investment and uranium outlook 2016

The uranium price is a pure function of demand and the number of reactors in China is set to reach 38 by the end of this year.

Rob McEwen: $5,000 gold still a reality, in the meantime invest wisely!

All the ingredients are in place for the next stage of the bull market to begin!