Palisade Radio

Peter Krauth: Gold is hated and that is exactly why you should be interested

The US Dollar Index is nearing 100 yet again, but has not broken through.

Cecil Musgrave: Warren Buffett style investing In mining – this is not supposed to happen!

Ben Graham value investing now exists in the mining space – the type of investing that Warren Buffet is famous for.

Rick Rule: I am too wise to call a bottom in mining

Rick has seen too many cycles to answer a question like that.

Keith Neumeyer: Silver to outperform all other commodities

“I am all in.”

Eric Coffin: Base metals or precious metals

With the Yuan devaluation, interest rate hikes, and stock market volatility, Eric Coffin explores what commodities merit your investment dollars.

Peter Schiff: Stimulus overdose to kill the economy, but not the stock market

Peter Schiff thinks the Fed has finally reached the end of the rope and the so called recovery is about to come to an end.

Bill Holter: Chinese join currency wars and gold backwardation is back!

Did China just join the currency war? What will the world look like in 6 months?

Brien Lundin: Seeds of tomorrow’s fortunes are being sown right now in the gold sector

Why Brien would not be surprised to see a sharp rally in the junior gold stocks and it has to do with greed and fear…

Rob McLeod: Climate change leading to major new mineral discoveries

I guess you could say it is not necessarily a good thing for the planet, but one of the few I guess industries or individuals that do benefit from a warming earth are us, exploration geologists.

Jeb Handwerger: This could be the absolute bottom in the gold sector

Jeb has come on Palisade Radio since its inception days, and has been a continuous firm believer in a strong precious metals rebound.

Jordan Roy-Byrne: tough times ahead… gold to bottom around $1,000!

New low for gold ahead… why Jordan believes $1,000 gold is a strong possibility?