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Keith Neumeyer: The numbers sound crazy, but I predict $8,000 gold & $130 silver

The current silver price is almost a joke. We’ve seen lead, zinc, nickel, lithium, and cobalt make significant price rises but gold and silver remain flat.

Uranium superstar goes all-in on impending nickel crunch

Mike Beck gives a provides a detailed analysis on lithium, uranium, and nickel.

Jekyll Island Series – Ken Berry: America’s next producing gold mine

Northern Vertex CEO Ken Berry discusses how they are nearing production with their mine in Arizona.

George Glasier: Rising vanadium prices could increase uranium production

George Glasier thinks the uranium price hovering around $21 means that there is currently enough supply to meet demand in the market.

No one has discovered more gold in Nevada – and he’s at it again

Rain Man is not a self-given nickname. Dave Mathewson is synonymous with gold exploration in Nevada, and the nickname was given due to his multi-million-ounce discoveries in and around the Rain District.

Gensource confirms the future of potash production with one feasibility study

Gensource Potash’s feasibility study (FS) was largely in line with its preliminary economic assessments (PEA), validating the robust economics of Vanguard 1.

Will next market crash be like 2008 or 1973?

History predicts an amazing run in gold and gold stocks.

The United States is hosting a debt party – $2,000 gold is coming

Debt levels are now at record highs, staving off GDP growth.

Newfoundland’s champion moves towards gold production – Maritime Resources Corp.

The hottest province for mining exploration is not Ontario, Quebec, or even the Yukon. It is actually Newfoundland, where a staking rush has quietly taken over the province.

When will gold stocks catch up to gold prices?

Gold actually outperformed the BGMI, an index comprised of the largest gold mining stocks, from 1976-1980!

Ex-Goldman Sachs mining fund Manager bets big on Mexican gold junior – Source Exploration (CVE:SOP, FRA:4QW1, OTCMKTS:SRXLF)

At 24 years of age, Matt Geiger is one of the brightest and youngest minds in the resource space.

Six charts screaming buy gold

We are now 297 trading days into a bull market on the TSX Venture Exchange

Manganese – the third electric vehicle metal no one is talking about

Manganese is a critical and irreplaceable element used in steel production and used widely as a battery component.

Pinetree 2.0: ThreeD Capital and the return of Sheldon Inwentash

At its peak, Sheldon Inwentash’s Pinetree Capital commanded a market cap north of $1 billion and owned 400+ names in its portfolio.

Palisade's top 3 uranium stock picks for 2017

On December 8, 2016, Palisade Research came out with a bold prediction – the bottom for uranium and uranium stocks was in.

Gold producers have underperformed and will continue to lag

Gold producers will always draw interest from generalist investors and the media due to their cash flows and larger market caps; however, gold explorers and developers are where the real gains can be made.

The bottom for uranium stocks is in!

Uranium stocks are about to go nuclear and you read it here first at Palisade Research!

The true benefactor of President Trump’s “America’s Infrastructure First” initiative

Trump plans on investing several-hundred billions of dollars into rebuilding and repairing infrastructure across the US.

How one small potash company will revolutionize a whole industry

The last half of 2016 has proven to be extraordinary for potash as several mega deals may finally re-spark the sector.

This pullback in gold is over – or is it?

Gold has been selling off.

The mania for cobalt has begun

The electric vehicle revolution will continue to reinforce the unquenchable demand for cobalt.

Who’s better for gold? Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

It does not really matter who wins the election — gold is poised for over a 325% gain in the years ahead because of the mess that both political parties and the Federal Reserve have created in the past.

The only lithium deal backed by gold

Lithium companies continue to lead the stock market. While the TSX Composite gained about 13% year-to-date and S&P 500 scored a mere 6.4%, lithium companies grew by a stunning 24%.

Nevada Exploration (TSXV:NGE) – Gold exploration with a cheat code

With the gold markets finally picking up, Nevada Exploration is finally ready to deploy its magic bullet in a big way.

This chart predicts at least up to $164 silver

Silver is a unique commodity with great diversification potential, protection against systematic financial failure, and extreme upside!