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Looking Forward: 2011

In my yearly forecast letter last year, "Looking Forward: A Year In Transition," I expected the shape of 2010 to be up better than most expected in the beginning of the year, and tail off by the […]

Account Overdrawn

It is a mistake to talk about America being broke.  It is the government that is broke. Americans have 56 trillion dollars innet household wealth. In other words, after paying all debts, Americans as a people are […]

Kudlow and Greenspan

I tuned in Larry Kudlow as usual last night and found the lead topic was "do deficit's cause interest rates to rise?"  Then I find out that Alan Greenspan earlier on Bloomberg TV was quoted as saying […]

Watch the Birdie?

TBT is the symbol for the ETF that tracks the long bond, but in inverse.  In other words, it shorts 20-30 year US bonds.  As interest rates rise on the long end so will TBT, but […]

March Madness

March madness is usually a term reserved for the college basketball playoffs, but this year  what's going on in Washington has upstaged the theatrics on the court.  Here is a mere sampling: * President Obama has […]

On The Dollar, Exchange Rates, And Gold

This is actually a continuation of the discussion of my last article, "Are The Fiat and Gold Standards Converging". I tried to make the case that the new interest in gold by individuals and central […]