Paul Zimnisky

Paul Zimnisky has worked in the financial industry for over 10 years as an arbitrage trader, equity analyst, and Exchange Traded Fund creator and developer. Paul closely follows the global financial markets, gold, diamonds, and the U.S. energy industry. Paul has been interviewed and quoted by numerous financial media outlets including Bloomberg TV, Fox Business News, the Economist, Barron’s, Forbes, and Investors Business Daily. Paul graduated from the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business with a B.S. in Finance.

Here’s what to expect from the diamond industry before year-end

Here we are little more than half way through 2017, and industry fundamentals are not necessarily negative, but signals are mixed with a subdued tone.

What happened to rough diamond prices over the last 10 years – report

Independent diamond industry analyst and consultant Paul Zimnisky has published a report on global rough diamond prices in the 10 years since the global financial crisis.

2017 global natural diamond production forecasted at 142M carats worth $15.6B

The top 10 largest mines in the world by value produced are estimated to represent 58% of global production.

Five reasons why diamond mining stocks have been under pressure

From February 15th to March 13th, a market-cap weighted aggregation of diamond miners in U.S. dollars including ALROSA Joint-Stock Company, Petra Diamonds Ltd, Dominion Diamond Corp, Gem Diamonds Ltd, Lucara Diamond Corp, Stornoway Diamond Corp, Firestone Diamonds Plc, and Mountain Province Diamonds Inc, was down 14.3%.

A trip through the diamond industry in March 2017

As the diamond industry marks its foray into 2017, Q1 demand for rough has been stronger relative to Q4 2016 and also relative to a year ago.

A new diamond industry

The esoteric diamond industry has never been more interesting to observe and challenging to predict.

Diamonds 2016: A year in review (with a quiz)

Last year was an eventful one for the diamond industry: From the largest producers coordinating supply cuts and the manufactures to returning to profitability, to the second-largest gem-diamond ever recovered going to auction and more. Here's a quiz to test your knowledge.

Rough diamond prices higher in 2016 as production cuts and restocking flip supply/demand

In 2016, the diamond industry has been marked by the follow-through of actions taken by De Beers, ALROSA and Rio Tinto to curtail global supply.

Diamond production down, sales volume up

According to the Zimnisky Global Rough Diamond Price Index, rough diamond prices have climbed 8.9% in the last 3 months.

Dominion Diamond stock apathetic amid significant production ramp

This was supposed to be a key year for Dominion, especially with the commencement of mining at the company’s rich Misery Main pipe at its Ekati mine.

The state of the global diamond industry going into summer 2016

Current industry data and commentary paints a mixed picture as to whether market fundamentals are stable enough to support growth.

Despite De Beers and Rio's efforts, global diamond output to jump 1.3% this year

The miners concerted effort to limit global diamond supply is forecast to be offset by stable Russian production, new mines, and production increases by Dominion Diamond and Petra Diamonds.

Supply/demand balance in diamonds could be reached by mid-2016

Despite the fact that the diamond industry is heavily concentrated, and still possesses tones congruent with its relatively recently removed history of being a monopoly, end-consumer demand is still what ultimately drives the health of the industry longer-term.

The state of the diamond mining industry going into year-end 2015

So far in 2015, the state of the global diamond industry has been closely aligned with the posture of the global economy, as it so often is, and should be.

Zimbabwe miners to shut down after diamond resource exhausted

Two of the seven miners at Marange, Anjin and Jinan, will be shutting down.

Alrosa diamonds sold for an average $118.50/carat in Q1 2014

Company's rough diamond prices proxy for opaque market.

The state of global rough diamond supply 2014

50 mines are estimated to account for 90% of global rough diamond supply in 2014.

Diamond investing FAQ

Paul Zimnisky responds to frequently asked questions about investing in diamonds.

Marange may not be the world’s largest diamond producer for much longer

Marange is currently ranked the largest diamond producing deposit on earth, but its days seem to be counted.