Peter Schiff - Euro Pacific Precious Metals

The shot not heard around the world

China's recent move to devalue the yuan has sent shock waves through the global financial markets and has convinced most observers that a new front in the global currency wars has begun.

A new fed playbook for the new normal

While many economists and market watchers have failed to notice, we have entered a new chapter in the short and checkered history of central banking.

Argentina's Default: A devastating lesson in unfunded government liabilities

The inability for governments to pay back debt spells economic disaster.

The platinum supply shock

Even investors who typically eschew precious metals have been hard-pressed to ignore the platinum industry this year.

The gold price is fixed. So what?

The LIBOR scandal broke almost two years ago, and the banks found responsible for manipulating that key index are still dealing with lawsuits. Meanwhile, allegations of gold market manipulation have been simmering for over a decade and grew into an inferno after the spot price dropped dramatically last spring.

The gold price is fixed. So what?

If gold shot up too quickly, these banks may have reasoned, it could trigger a panic flight from fiat currencies.

Gold scams revisited

Before Bear Stearns and Lehman collapsed, the market for physical gold was limited to a relatively small group of investors who understood the havoc inflation was wreaking on our savings and the US markets.

Dark gold: Shedding light on a mysterious market

It's impossible to know precisely how much dark gold exists around the world, but we do know that it is enough to render "official" gold holdings insignificant.

The long and short of gold investing

The same forces that are stabilizing stocks and suppressing gold are also the fundamental reasons long-term investors have been buying gold since the turn of the new millennium. The so-called recovery we're now experiencing is just a lull in a storm that hasn't yet abated.

The eastern lust for gold

Having replaced savings with debt on both the national and individual levels, I think it's well past time for Westerners to take a few lessons from our creditors in the East.

The taper talk

The real message behind Bernanke's excuse for putting off tapering is that there is never going to be a taper.

The powerful case for silver

"Silver may rise much faster in order to realign with its historical price ratio to gold."

The gold bull vs. the paper tiger

Time to sell bullion and get back into US stocks.

The great gold redemption

The most puzzling part of the investment business is seeing how the vast and largely economically illiterate masses interpret any given piece of news.

Swiss create new gold 'chocolate bar'

VIDEO: A precious metal bar that can be broken into one-gram segments.

The Fed's tightening pipe dream

Testifying before the US Senate this past Tuesday, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke made an extraordinary claim about its bloated balance sheet: "We could exit without ever selling by letting it run off."

VIDEO: Peter Schiff explains why gold bull is far from dead

“People who are saying there is no reason to buy gold now, never understood the reason people were buying it in the first place."

Inflation propaganda exposed

Economists who hold the popular view that expanding the money supply will provide the best medicine for our ailing economy dismiss concerns.

Treasury's last pillar crumbles

Investors can escape Japan's coming currency deflation by turning to gold and silver

No way out

By upping the ante once again in its gamble to revive the economy through monetary action, the Federal Reserve's Open Market Committee is now compelling the rest of us to buy into a game that we may not be able to afford.

Renewed interest in gold as a financial asset

Central banks fueled the supply of gold by 400-500 tons per year on average between 1989 and 2007, they are now increasing demand by the same factor.

Doing away with ceiling drama

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner made news last week by proposing to transfer the Congressional prerogative to raise the debt ceiling to the President.

As the Euro tumbles, Spaniards look to gold

The unremitting deterioration of the eurozone's sovereign debt landscape continues to fuel uncertainties about the longevity of the euro as a hard currency.

The FED'S campaign

This past Friday, as Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke delivered his annual address from Jackson Hole - the State of the Dollar, if you will - I couldn't help but hear it as an incumbent's campaign speech.

The QE Debate

There is an ongoing three way debate between those who believe the Fed should do more to strengthen the recovery, those who believe that the recovery is strong enough to continue on its own, and those who believe that the economy has been so fundamentally altered by the recession that no amount of stimulus can succeed in pushing unemployment down to pre-crash levels.