Peter G. Hall

Export outlook: A provincial perspective

Conditions seem favourable for a growth acceleration – but will all of Canada’s provinces cash in on the growth?

China: Slowing for good?

Sino-slowing is among the top topics on the summer chat circuit.

Ranking Canada's regions

International trade will be a key growth driver for the Canadian economy this year and next. However, the distribution of export growth in Canada's provinces is anything but even.

Gearing up for growth

Shaking off the memories of recent growth crashes – some as spectacular as they get – will be tough. But as the race begins and the adrenaline kicks in, economies may even surprise themselves with their speed.

The Power of Mo

She’s a silent but influential force in the forecasting world. Momentum routinely governs views of the world, but its undercurrents also exert a lot of unseen influence.

What’s Asia’s bellwether economy saying?

Just when the western world was worried about a serious double-dip recession, the unthinkable happened: Asia faltered.

Mexico's Resilience

Few economies escaped the global slowdown in the summer of 2012. Mexico was a rare and notable exception.

Eurocrisis: method in the madness?

Good news is getting more airplay these days. It’s a great relief, following years of gloom, and this time, perception seems well-anchored in actual data.

No jobs, no housing recovery, right? wrong!

Housing markets are on a tear south of the border.

Asia needs global trade needs Asia

Weakness in the developing world has had an ugly recent effect: vibrant Asian economies wilted over the summer months, and now face a less certain path in the months ahead.

Austerity and economic potential

Among the top topics in the global economy’s four-year funk is public finance.