PhotoSat delivers highly accurate satellite surveying of AbraPlata Diablillos Silver Project in Argentina

PhotoSat is pleased to announce that it has completed satellite surveying of the AbraPlata (TSX.V: ABRA) Diablillos Project in Argentina.

PhotoSat research breakthrough improves satellite surveying resolution

The use of satellite surveying can shorten project timelines, eliminate survey delays and provide more accurate surveys – particularly for areas which are dangerous to access on foot or by vehicle.

PhotoSat verifies the accuracy of survey data from the new KOMPSAT-3A satellite to 21cm in elevation

Engineers to benefit from high quality satellite survey data

PhotoSat verifies accuracy of DigitalGlobe's 30 cm WorldView-3 satellite elevation data to within 15 cm

Engineers to benefit from high quality elevation products.

30cm Accuracy Topography for Mining

PhotoSat’s 30cm accuracy satellite topographic mapping shortens timelines and saves costs throughout the mining exploration and production process.

PhotoSat Measuring Volume of Mount Polley Mine Tailings Spill from Space

PhotoSat announced today that it is in the process of accurately calculating the exact amount of tailings that has left the Mount Polley tailings dam using high resolution stereo satellite photos.

Mining volumetrics by satellite saves time and money

PhotoSat’s engineering quality satellite topography eliminates survey delays and assures accurate reconciliation across the entire mine site.  The unique geophysical processing system produces 1m grid topographic maps and 1m contours from stereo satellite photos with […]

PhotoSat completes mapping of Nova Copper’s Upper Kobuk project in Alaska.

PhotoSat is pleased to announce that it has completed satellite topography mapping of Nova Copper’s Upper Kobuk Mineral Project (UKMP) in northwestern Alaska, using stereo satellite photos from the WorldView-2 high-resolution imaging satellite.

PhotoSat completes highly accurate elevation mapping of Hudson Resources' White Mountain anorthosite project in Greenland

Hudson Resources is a Canadian based mining company focused on the Sarfartoq rare earth project and the Naajat (White Mountain) anorthosite (calcium feldspar) project.