Proof Engineers

Proof Engineers' road condition monitor captures real-time data to give mine companies a clear picture of road conditions

A growing number of mining companies are implementing state-of-the-art technology to gain an edge on haul road quality control and take the guess work out of road maintenance. Proof Engineers’ engineering and technologies manager Jordan Handel said an increasing number of mining companies were seeking out new technologies to simplify processes and increase productivity while reducing maintenance costs.

Proof engineers’ ground-breaking haul road monitoring device a proven asset

A ground-breaking innovation to monitor haul road conditions has been demonstrated by researchers to have the potential to revolutionize the mining industry.

Industry Leaders Join Forces to Create Haul Road Optimisation Alliance

The Haul Road Optimisation Alliance provide complete haul road management including site assessment, design, construction, road surface friction assessment and profiling, automated water truck spray systems, remotely monitored water assets, dust suppression and road stabilisation, real time haul road dust and condition monitoring, and specialised training.

PROOF and RST Work with Engineering Students to Design Innovative Dust Monitoring System

Proof Engineers in association with Australia’s leading dust solution company Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST) have designed an innovative mobile dust monitor with the assistance of three Griffith University students.