Proven and Probable

Translating the mindset of peak oil to peak gold

The Mercenary Geologist Mickey Fulp discusses with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable how peak oil could inform investment in gold miners.

Group ten metals – On the search for platinum group metals in Montana

Michael Rowley, president and CEO of Group Ten Metals Inc. interview with Maurice Jackson.

Millrock Resources | Explorer releases drill results from Alaska copper-gold project

CEO of Millrock Resources talks about the recently released drill results from the Alaska Range Project as well as developments at its Mexican properties.

DNI Metals | Moving Ahead With Graphite in Madagascar

Dan Weir, the Executive Chairman of DNI Metals sits down with Proven and Probable to discuss the unique value proposition of the Graphite.

NxGold | Gold explorer features projects at opposite sides of the globe

Christopher McFadden, CEO of NxGold, discusses with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable his company’s two far-flung exploration projects.

Riverside resources | Cecilia Gold Project new target area’s and soil samples

Joining us for a conversation is Dr. John-Mark Staude. He is the president, the CEO, and director of Riverside Resources, Where Knowledge is Golden.

Trade wars, metals, and you

Geopolitical risk, geopolitical turmoil, the threat or the idea of such is always good for gold.

Mickey Fulp – tax loss selling, base metals, and precious metals

Fulp shares how to be selective in buying particular issuers within specific date range that have produced fairly consistent returns ranging from 10% to 50%!

Why prospect generators: an interview with Brent Cook

Prospect and project generators are often overlooked by speculators in the natural resource space, Brent Cook says in Proven and Probable interview.

Invest in platinum, palladium, or rhodium?

David Morgan uncovers supply and demand fundamentals on mining, cost of production, utility, and ratios in Proven and Probable interview.

Project selection: An interview with Mickey Fulp

Mickey Fulp sits down with Maurice Jackson to discuss one third of his investment thesis which is focused on Project Selection.

Mickey Fulp – The power of two

Mickey Fulp the Mercenary Geologist sits down with Proven and Probable to discuss the ‘Power of Two’ thesis which will serve as a foundation for speculators in the Natural Resource Space. Mr. Fulp outlines his 3 fundamental criteria that have provided him success and why they are imperative for speculators that wish to participate in junior mining companies. This episode is to serve as an educational tool and is not investment advice.

Rick Rule – prospect generators, uranium, deep value

Rick Rule of Sprott US Holdings sits down with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable to discuss the deep value proposition that he foresee’s with Prospect Generators and Uranium.

Frank Holmes – The FED holds gold because they don't trust currencies

Frank Holmes the CEO & CIO of U.S. Global Investors sits down with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable

{Interview} Rick Rule – The best people beat the best commodities

Mr. Rule shares his unique, proven perspective and selection process as he outlines many aspects such as good stewards of capital, change of control fees, optionalilty, the ability to attract capital, integrity, marketing, VP, Board of Directors, permitting, etc.

Interview with Mickey Fulp: Contrarian plays, geopolitics and you

Mickey shares what indicators he uses to guide the health of the economy and what those indicators are conveying.

INTERVIEW: Jayant Bandar on India, chaos, and gold restrictions

Jayant Bhandari, the host of highly acclaimed ‘Capitalism & Morality’ sits down with Maurice Jackson of ‘Proven & Probable to discuss the current events unfolding in India since Nov. 8, when Prime Minister Modi removed 88% of the currency.

David Morgan – Buy precious metals now

David Morgan of The Morgan Report sits down with Maurice Jackson to discuss the uniqueness and rarity of precious metals.

Interview – Rick Rule – Bonds or precious metals

Rick Rule sits down with Maurice Jackson to discuss his concerns regarding the United States 1) Debt, 2) Bonds, 3) the Politician’s Solution, 4) and why precious metals is the option that investors need to consider.

Stephen Nano – Mirasol Resources makes value investing simple through prospect generation

Stephen Nano, CEO of Mirasol Resources sits down with Maurice Jackson of Proven & Probable to discuss the virtues of Prospect Generation.

Scott Close: Eurasian Minerals is a royalty generator

Scott Close of Eurasian Minerals sits down with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable to discuss the virtues of partnering and owning shares in one of the industry’s premier Prospect Generators.

Fission 3.0 – Canada’s leading uranium project generator is making moves

Chief Geologist Ross McElroy highlights to investors the merits of owning ‘Canada’s Leading Uranium Project Generator’.

Uranium Energy Corp – production, acquisitions and strategic investors

Amir Adnani the CEO, President and Director of Uranium Energy Corporation (UEC), discusses the current state of Energy at the Oxford Club Investment U Conference.

Fission and uranium's macro fundamentals

Interview with Fission Uranium‘s, President and COO, Ross McElroy

Rick Rule – A train wreck is coming in energy

Rick Rule, one of the foremost experts in the Natural Resource Space, convey the dangers and opportunities in oil, gas, and uranium.