The best diamonds in the world are buried at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean

The best diamonds in the world come from the sea.

This mining company is keeping a rare fish from extinction in Mexico

British Gypsum is supplying the only element able to keep the mineral balance of the water just right for the peculiar needs of the checkered pupfish.

Would you propose with a diamond grown in a lab?

Diamond Foundry first crossed my radar in November of 2015, when Leonardo DiCaprio tweeted that he was proud to be an investor in the company.

China’s coal companies are so desperate, they’ve started farming to keep employees busy

In an unusual attempt to prevent more protests, some of China’s biggest coal mining companies are now focusing on other businesses entirely.

The Swazi king, his New York hip hop jeweler and a $263 million mining deal

New York’s King of Bling has reportedly scored a $263 million gold-mining deal with Africa’s last remaining absolute monarch, a real king—what could possibly go wrong? Swaziland is asking itself that question and more after […]