Rio Tinto

Award winning Diavik Diamond Mine honoured as industry leader

Diavik Diamond Mine is located 300 kms northeast of Yellowknife, capital of Canada’s Northwest Territories.

Rio Tinto and First Nations partners celebrate the launch of the tl'ughus tunnel boring machine

Rio makes key milestones towards completing the Kemano Second Tunnel project.

Rio Tinto announces support for North American employees affected by family and domestic abuse

Employees can now access up to 10 days of paid extra leave, flexible work hours, financial aid and emergency accommodation.

Rio Tinto reveals its largest Fancy Purplish Red diamond in New York

Rio Tinto has revealed its 2018 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender in New York to collectors, connoiseurs and those in search of the incomparable.

Diavik Stars of the Arctic dazzle in rough diamond tender

Rio Tinto and Dominion Diamond Mines have revealed three of the finest large rough diamonds from their Canadian diamond mine.

Rio Tinto unveils rare Argyle pink diamond and Muzo emerald jewels in Hong Kong

Titled “Earth Magic” the statement necklace is a powerful symbol of the union of two of the world’s most coveted jewels: Argyle Pink Diamonds and Muzo Emeralds.

Rio Tinto opens Chicago office to be closer to US customers

The new Rio Tinto office will allow for expanded engagement and provide opportunities for partnerships with new and existing customers.

New campaign for Rio Tinto’s Australian Diamonds is launched in India

Rio Tinto‘s Australian Diamonds programme has launched its latest campaign in India highlighting a new range of affordable bridal and fashion jewellery from the company’s Argyle diamond mine in Australia.

Argyle pink diamond coin unveiled in Berlin

Rio Tinto and The Perth Mint are delighted to unveil the first pavé set Argyle pink diamond gold coin.

Iconic Australian jeweller showcases $100 million collection of coloured diamond jewellery

The largest collection of exquisite fancy coloured diamonds and diamond jewellery ever publicly exhibited in the Southern Hemisphere is being showcased across Australia by iconic Australian jeweller Linneys.

Rio Tinto adopts global paid parental leave standard

The new standard was announced Sept. 21 and will provide employees with job security, 18 weeks' leave for primary caregivers, and more.

Rio Tinto showcases its largest red diamond in Asia

Rio Tinto’s iconic Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender is being showcased to connoisseurs and collectors from across Asia in Hong Kong.

Rio Tinto unveils its largest red diamond at Australian debut

Rio Tinto today unveiled the largest Fancy Red diamond in the history of its Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender during its Australian preview.

Origins of Argyle necklace debuts in New York

Rio Tinto’s famed champagne and cognac diamonds from its Argyle diamond mine have been showcased in a signature piece of jewellery in New York, in celebration of their unique Australian provenance and the diamond ties that bind Australia and the US.

Argyle diamond coin trilogy sold within a month

Rio's sale of The Australian Trilogy, an AUD$1.8 million one-of-a-kind coin collection featuring a pink, purple pink and violet diamond from the Argyle Diamond Mine, sold out in a month.

Rio Tinto appoints President of Diavik Diamond Mines

Rio Tinto has appointed Patrick Boitumelo as President and Chief operating officer, Diavik Diamond Mines.

Rio Tinto welcomes Dhamani as a Select Atelier for Argyle Pink Diamonds

Dhamani joins an exclusive group of master craftsman and luxury jewellers with access to a direct supply of Australia’s rare Argyle pink diamonds and entrusted with transforming Argyle pink diamonds into exquisite jewellery.

Rio Tinto’s exclusive Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender inspires luxury jewellery collections in New York

Rio Tinto’s 2016 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender collection has provided the inspiration for a US$20 million showcase of iconic pink and blue diamond jewellery pieces and limited edition collections of exquisite jewellery in New York.

Rio Tinto’s rare pink, red and violet diamonds showcased in Hong Kong

The 2016 Tender, named the “Chroma Collection” because of its potency of colour, comprises 57 pink diamonds, two violet diamonds and four red diamonds and weighs a total of 58.24 carats.

Rare Argyle pink diamond jewellery exhibition sparkles in Copenhagen

Rio Tinto’s Argyle Pink Diamonds has partnered with premier Danish luxury jeweller Hartmann’s to showcase the finest in beauty and design from Australia and Denmark.

Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender world exclusive preview in Copenhagen

The 2016 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender includes 63 pink, red and violet diamonds and represents the finest of a year’s production from Rio Tinto’s Argyle diamond mine in Western Australia.

Rio Tinto makes management changes

Rio Tinto has appointed Stephen McIntosh as the acting Group executive, Technology & Innovation

Rio Tinto showcases 187.7 carat rough diamond in New York and at Tel Aviv’s International Diamond Week

Rio Tinto has showcased one of the world’s largest gem quality rough diamond to customers in the United States and Israel.

Exclusive Argyle pink diamond jewellery showcased to the Japanese bridal market

Rio sells around 30% of its Argyle pink diamonds into Japan.

Rio Tinto conducts inaugural rough diamond viewings in India

Rio Tinto’s diamonds business has just completed its inaugural rough diamond viewing at the India Diamond Trading Centre in Mumbai’s Bharat Diamond Bourse.