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Ryan Jordan has been blogging about the precious metals since 2010. However, his interest in the precious metals markets spans nearly 20 years as both a coin collector and private trader. Ryan believes there is a lack of serious discussion of how undervalued precious metals like silver are, and he aims to explain the many reasons why people should take silver investing seriously without relying on hype, sensationalism, or scare-tactics.

Silver keeps chugging along

"When a market is as oversold, underloved, and underfollowed as silver, you should actually be expecting some big moves to the upside."

Remembering the Silver Parabola

It was three years ago this week that silver experienced what would ultimately be a blowoff parabolic top, north of 49 dollars an ounce.

The invincible precious metal bears

A year ago today saw one of the largest declines in COMEX gold and silver futures in the last several decades.

Precious metals bull market update

I’m not always sure that everyone appreciates the role of psychology in the investment world–but to ignore the irrational nature of the herds of people involved in speculating on the value of this or that asset is to ignore the reality of the human beast, in my mind.

Silver under-performing – Will it last?

Since the start of 2014, the price of silver has lagged the other precious metals in many ways.

Mining stocks, Chinese demand, and a potential golden surprise

Over the past couple of days, the performance of the gold and silver mining stocks deserves more attention than it is getting.

Is silver going lower?

Are western speculators capable of dumping more precious metals?

Trading antics and the real price of silver

If silver is ever freed from its paper price, the white metal could just be one of the best investments you ever make.

Examining silver and deflation

Yes, broader commodities may continue their trend lower– and so might silver and gold for the next several months or a year. But always remember what sets the precious metals apart.

Silver demand as guide for silver’s next price move

Fifty percent of silver demand comes from industry.