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Peter Schiff: Fed will sacrifice dollar on the altar of the stock market

Peter said this time around, we’re not looking at a financial crisis. We’re staring down the barrel of a currency crisis.

Rate hike or no, Dec. Fed meeting will be bullish for gold (video)

Peter believes that no matter what the Federal Reserve announces at its December meeting – a small rate hike or none at all – the price of gold in US dollars will rise.

Gold will break out as rate hike myth dies

Two persistent myths convince gold bears that the price of gold will remain low – a looming series of interest rate hikes from the Federal Reserve and the fact that gold did not rally during the last round of quantitative easing.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

To hear BitGold founders Joshua Crumb or Roy Sebag talk about their new company, one would think they came up with the idea of individuals transacting in gold or using a debit card to access their gold holdings on their own.

Video: Dollars, drachmas, and debt

Peter Schiff argues that the drachma would be a politically expedient way of defaulting on Greek debt, but would ultimately lead to financial ruin for Greek citizens.

Gold videocast: America’s new “job-sharing” economy

Is America really reducing unemployment, or is it just spreading the work around?

Swiss vote the low point for gold?

Peter Schiff responds to the failure of the Swiss gold referendum this past weekend.

VIDEO: Axel Merk, Peter Schiff discuss contrarian investing

Merk, a one-time Swiss resident, also provides insight into the Swiss Gold Initiative at the end of November.

Save your Swiss gold – Peter Schiff's message to Switzerland

In the video statement below, Peter Schiff makes a direct appeal to Swiss voters to pass the Save Our Swiss Gold initiative on November 30th

China's boom and lust for gold

Peter explains China's ongoing boom and what it means for their favorite commodity – gold.

The sound money business: four years past and future forecast

I have reason to believe that over the next four years, gold and silver investors will witness shocking macroeconomic events that put to rest any doubts about the importance of having sound money in every portfolio.