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Guyana gold

South America has been a major beneficiary of the 2000s gold bull, party to some big discoveries by the mining companies flocking there.

Low-cost transcontinental gold

Turkey has seen steady growth in gold production over the last decade or so. It is now host to 7 commercial-scale mines.

New gold in the pipeline

New Gold’s 2014 midpoint guidance has it producing 400k ounces of gold at all-in sustaining costs of $825 per ounce.

Silver-Junior struggles

Mining companies that are non-producers obviously don’t generate any revenue. They are junior-level companies in various stages of exploration and/or development. And they primarily rely on investor capital to fund their operations.

The bullish gold supply

Observing the ever-changing dynamics of gold’s structural fundamentals.

Global silver mining trends

In 2012 mine production exceeded 24k metric tons, an all-time production high and a 28% increase over 2001: Where is this silver coming from?

Gold mining healthy?

In 2011 gold-mine production came in at an all-time record high. And in 2012 experts anticipate production to be even higher, edging above the previous year’s 87m-ounce tally. From the looks of it, the major source of gold’s supply is in fine fettle. But is the gold-mining industry truly healthy?

Oil or gas?

Hydrocarbons have become the lifeblood of this modern era.

US oil boom

With the world forging ahead in this modern industrial and technological era, the king of commodities continues to flex its muscles as the most indispensable of resources.

Betting on uranium

Nuclear power has been a hot topic of recent. And as a result, the price action of its input commodity has been quite schizophrenic. Investors and speculators are in a state of great wonderment over what to expect from this intriguing mineral that is mined for energy.

Rare-earth stocks

Nearly a year has passed since Molycorp hit the stock markets with its IPO. And considering this stock’s popularity today, it’s astounding that this IPO had flown under the radar for most investors. Last July MCP shares debuted below the pre-IPO targeted price range, and traded on the low side of that range for weeks before it finally caught a bid. MCP didn’t quite have the fanfare as say LinkedIn or other IPOs over the last year.

Investing in junior gold stocks

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Gold-Mining Margins

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Junior Bull Seasonals

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Junior Gold Exploration

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Global Gold Supply

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Soaring Base Metals Stockpiles

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Gold Stock Popularity

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