Sharps Pixley

Sharps Pixley sees 253% increase in gold sales as tensions run high

The high levels of gold sales was a record for the store which opened in January 2016 and was roughly double its previous best month.

Will falling Chinese imports put the brakes on rising silver price?

We would tend to disagree, taking silver’s more valuable sibling as a guide.

Sharps Pixley Opens State-of-the-Art Bullion Showroom in St James's, London

The site, which officially opens this week, will allow everyday investors access to fine quality precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium) in a variety of forms as well as safe deposit boxes.

India won’t replace China as top resources consumer

India can support better an agrarian, low-earning, population than China can, which is a limit to growth in itself. 

Peak gold impact on prices as exploration continues to tank

Global gold production is potentially moving into a period of long term decline with mining companies no longer having new gold resources available to them to replace aging assets.