SKF Cooper bearings get a facelift

SKF Cooper split roller bearings can be fitted, removed and inspected without having to dismantle surrounding equipment, providing savings in terms of reduced maintenance and downtime. The products include both split cylindrical roller bearings and split double row tapered roller bearings, the latter with the ability to take axial loads in either direction. Both are housed and sealed in special swivel cartridges, which are suitable for mounting in pedestal or flanged outer housings.

Innovative lubrication system supplied by SKF and Lincoln Lubrication is eight times faster!

The innovative lubrication system delivered by SKF and Lincoln Lubrication allows for eight bearings to be pre-lubricated simultaneously. “Our solution enabled our customer to run their bearing pre-lubricant line eight times faster,” says SKF Key Accounts Manager: Commercial Vehicles, Ettienne Schoeman.

SKF ups the digital ante – Göteborg plant 4.0

The digital transformation incorporates a range of solutions from robots and AGVs (Automatic Guided Vehicles) to sensors and tablets. There are 22 industrial robots on the new production line which is divided into four distinct units corresponding to four production steps namely grinding, assembly, marking and lubrication.

SKF showcases new products at SMM 2018

Also on show will be SKF’s EcoMode. This software has been developed to ensure optimised fin stabiliser operation and it delivers recommendations and actions based on retrospective movement analysis.

SKF Super-precision bearings for superior performance

Machine tools and other precision applications require superior bearing performance. Extended speed capability, a high degree of running accuracy, high system rigidity, low heat generation, as well as low noise and vibration levels are just some of the challenges.

SKF super-precision bearing lubrication unit

To meet the ever-growing performance requirements of high-speed precision applications, SKF has developed the new Super-precision Bearing Lubrication Unit for use with oil-air lubrication in high-speed applications. This system can not only simplify new spindle […]

SKF Disc Couplings enhance service in high torque applications

The Couplings minimise the need for maintenance because they offer some allowance for misalignment and do not require lubrication. Single Disc Couplings accommodate angular offset, while double disc pack units with a spacer will allow for angular, parallel or combined offset.

Bearings selection is now one click away with SKF’s latest online catalogue

SKF's latest Rolling Bearings Catalogue is now also available online and contains new features to assist customers in the selection of bearing arrangements for their projects.

New grease filling filter for automatic lubrication systems

SKF announced the introduction of its Lincoln small grease reservoir filling filter. Part of SKF’s family of filtration products, this filter helps to minimise contaminants entering automatic lubrication systems during the filling process of smaller-sized reservoirs.

Centre of pressure

The development of a range of class-leading hydraulic piston seals required SKF engineers to create tailor-made materials and apply advanced analytical techniques.

New wheel-end seal from SKF offers extreme performance

Truck and trailer operators can now dramatically reduce the risk of premature wheel-end failures, as well as the high costs associated with unplanned downtime and vehicle recovery, by changing to a new wheel-end seal design from SKF.

Quick evaluation of bearing arrangement performance with SKF SimPro Quick

The soft-ware tool has an intuitive interface to model the customer’s application, with relevant components such as shafts, bearings, housings, gears, lubricants, spacers and springs. A bearing selection dialogue enables the selection of bearings from the SKF catalogue. The rolling bearings database is updated on a regular basis.

'Cooper Roller Bearings' becomes 'SKF Cooper split bearings'

SKF acquired Cooper Roller Bearings Co Ltd in 2013 as part of the US based Kaydon Corporation, Cooper's parent company at the time. Following a period of consolidation within the SKF, it has now been decided that all Cooper Split Bearings ranges will be marketed under the name of SKF Cooper going forward.

Smooth sailing for maritime sector with SKF Enlight Centre machine condition monitoring system

SKF Enlight Centre is an internet-enabled condition-based maintenance (CBM) and condition monitoring (CM) system designed for the global marine industry.

Heater selection tool

It offers the user valuable information about the recommended heater such as heater designation, heating position, technical information and useful links.

SKF quality and service value proposition improves delivery time of large size roller bearings

A long-standing SKF customer in the cement and concrete industry contacted SKF for a solution when a routine maintenance check determined that the bearings on one of their vertical roller mills needed replacement.

Paving the path to a digital future

Further digitalization of established technologies such as condition monitoring and smart sensors could have a revolutionary effect on manufacturing, says Bernie van Leeuwen, Director Product Management Digitalization at SKF

Paving the path to a digital future

Further digitalization of established technologies such as condition monitoring and smart sensors could have a revolutionary effect on manufacturing, says Bernie van Leeuwen, Director Product Management Digitalization at SKF