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Chart of the day – Nasdaq, QE and 0% interest rates

Look at what the Nasdaq bubble did in 1999-2000 with no QE and interest rates around 5%.

Video: Gold ICL confirmed

It appears the US Dollar has bottomed following an intermediate degree correction.

Gold ICL still 6 to 8 weeks away

Trader sentiment, technical conditions and price targets for both gold and miners are discussed.

Market wrap – current trend changes

Trend changes are currently unfolding in the direction of the dollar, gold and miners.

Why this is a new bull market in gold

This video provides a comprehensive discussion of why gold is in a new bull market.

Chart of the day – false reversal?

Gold likes to print false reversals to sucker in longs too early.

Chart of the day – Miners intermediate cycle top?

The large volume surge in DUST a few days ago was the warning bell that the miners may have topped.

Video: The last line in the sand for gold – 1275

If gold reaches that magic number it would confirm that the intermediate cycle low has been struck.

VIDEO: Intermediate bottom close for gold

This video discusses the completion of gold’s intermediate cycle and looks ahead to future price performance in both gold and miners.

Chart of the day – HUI mining index

While it’s not always a perfect timing tool, oversold in a bull market is always a buy signal.

'It's still too early to re-enter the metals sector'

As always happens after a strong rally in anything, traders begin to anticipate another leg up.

Chart of the Day – $Gold

This appears to be the only time in this bear market that miners are diverging from the price of gold as it moves down into an intermediate cycle low.

CHART: Gold traders are still buying the dips

We've known all along that gold was going to test the triangle trend line during this daily cycle correction.

CHARTS: Gold price poised to break bear trend

Silver price has already breached long term down line.

Today's gold charts: Gold Miners Bullish Percent Index and Gold Bugs Index

The bullish percent level is diverging as miners again test the lows.

Today's chart of the day is $XJY (Japanese yen – Philadelphia)

Over the last couple of days the yen has broken a multi-year down trend line and completed a higher high for the first time in 4 years.

Charts of the day: Spot gold price and Gold Bugs Index

I think it's time for gold to throw the shorts a curveball. By that I mean the bears have gotten way to comfortable, and selling every rally has become "easy money".

Gold: Chart of the day

I'm going to take a stab at a short term prediction.