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The palladium play – part 1

Palladium is close to becoming the most “precious” of precious metals

Sprott gold report: gold resilient despite market volatility

For the month of February, gold equities declined 10.10%, while gold bullion fell a modest 2.08%, as measured by GLD.

Sprott gold report: gold equities are currently on sale

November has traditionally been relatively uneventful for the gold complex. For this reason, we entered the month with a bias in our active gold strategies.

Central Fund agrees to instituting plan of arrangement with Sprott Inc.

Sprott will indirectly acquire Central Fund’s existing administration agreement from The Central Group Alberta for an aggregate purchase price of C$100 million.

Sprott Expands U.S. Team and Establishes a New York Office

Appoints Edward Coyne as Executive Vice President & National Sales Manager

Sprott Precious Metals report: Where does the gold trade stand?

The typical approach to bearish gold analysis is to attribute hypothetical fears to gold investors, and then point out these concerns have failed to materialize. Sprott believes the investment thesis for gold is a bit more complex than simplistic motivations commonly cited in financial press.

Rick Rule: Are the worst of times yet to come?

“We have all had the experience of seeing goods on sale and procrastinating, and later on seeing them priced much higher. You think to yourself ‘I really wish I’d participated.’ Those are the kinds of times that get referred to as ‘the good old days.’”

Why West Africa is primed for gold discoveries: Andy Jackson

First, West Africa has the right geology for gold deposits – that’s the main reason. The second reason is that it’s a relatively politically stable part of Africa.

Connecting the dots

In this month’s Markets at a Glance, we present a collection of thoughts on why we think precious metals are a compelling investment now.

Rick Rule: What to ask before investing in natural resource stocks

The ‘management interview’ is critical.

Eric Angeli: Most economists ignoring cracks in the system

“The apparent recovery of the last few years has not been confirmed by the data available -- in fact it has been just the opposite."

Deconstructing the US economy: The non-recovery

A closer look at the data suggests that things are not improving and that the US economy remains frail.

Gold and silver at 'historic undervaluation': John Embry

'I don’t think I have actually ever seen people so negative and disinterested in the subject, which I think represents one of the greatest buying opportunities in history.'

One more sign of manipulation in the gold market

We believe that the manipulation of gold prices by central banks cannot continue in 2014. Therefore, we expect substantial increases in the price of precious metals as the true shortages become obvious.

How to be your own central bank

Central bankers around the world have made their intentions known about how they plan to manage their foreign exchange reserves, giving investors a rare glimpse into how to manage their own portfolios.

Open letter to World Gold Council

I urge the leaders of the World Gold Council, for the benefit of their own members, to improve the quality of their data and find alternative sources than the GFMS, which paints a misleading picture of the real demand for gold

A piece of the gold puzzle falls into place

Recently published data supports our presumption that physical gold was indeed flowing from ETF liquidations with a significant amount heading East.

Is gold still a safe haven?

Owning an asset that is no-one’s obligation and has no ties to the financial system would seem to be prudent at a time like this, so why hasn’t gold performed better?

A leaky fix

Unfortunately, it seems that news about the fixing of trillion dollar markets has become mundane.

Chart of the week: India gold price at all-time high

With the Indian rupee continuing to plumb new lows against the US dollar, it is clear that the Reserve Bank of India is losing its war on gold.

The hidden edge of junior mining companies

“Exploration on the whole is a capital destroying business.”

Sprott's David Franklin: Platinum and palladium's year to shine

The price is in the headlines.