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Oil and gas has swung ‘severely bearish’: Eric Nuttall

North American oil and gas companies experienced a severe correction this summer, following a run-up through the first half of the year.

Rick Rule: I think we’re seeing a bullish transition In the junior gold miners

Speaking towards the overall market Rick noted that, “The market itself is very healthy. You are seeing a transition…a transition that doesn’t suggest, but rather screams that [junior resource issues are] under accumulation—which is a very, very bullish sign.”

I was early but I’m still buying: Frank Giustra

A few weeks ago, we heard from Pierre Lassonde of Franco-Nevada on the power of the royalty business model. Just recently, I spoke with another ‘superstar’ of the natural resource industry -- Frank Giustra.

Eric Sprott: get your money ‘out of banks and into something tangible’

In a recent call with Eric Sprott, founder of Sprott Inc., he said he was still buying physical gold -and planned to keep buying it for as long as he could.

Met coal could be reaching a cyclical low

After reaching a six-year low in its price and recent industry cutbacks to production, metallurgical coal is showing classic signs of a resource that is ready for a cyclical uptrend.

Rick Rule: A briefing on private placements

Attractive way to take advantage of a recovery in natural resources.

Will there be a ‘New Gold Rush?’ — Ian Gordon, Longwave Analytics

Ian Gordon created Longwave Analytics, which studies the Longwave principle, by which economies obey long-term cyclical trends of expansion and contraction.

If China, Russia succeed in ditching the dollar…

This is one of the greatest wealth transfers in history.

Pierre Lassonde, Franco-Nevada: "Very few get this but it's worth so much money"

Timing not always as important as it seems.

Is a rout in junior mining equities still coming? Rick Rule

"Speculators need to be cognizant of the fact that 50 or 60 percent of the companies in the junior resource sector are non-viable."

What the Mount Polley disaster means for mining companies: Steve Todoruk

The mining industry can’t give guarantees just as airlines can’t.

Rick Rule: Three reasons to start buying resource juniors

Three big drivers.

Resource market in good shape: Rick Rule

“My prediction for the rest of the year is for gold to go higher, but in a choppy fashion."

Interview with Rick Rule: Prepare for when the dam breaks

"The sector that interests me the most is the sector that’s the most out of favor."

If gold rises a little, gold stocks could go up a lot – Steve Todoruk

Steve Todoruk, an Investment Executive at Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd. since 2003, said recently positive signs were beginning to take shape for the bigger mining firms.

Mark Skousen: new official stat is ‘supply-side’ victory

In Structure, Skousen makes the case that modern economists downplay the importance of the business sector in the economy, and overstate the importance of consumer spending. In particular, he believes that the GDP should not be used as a sole measure of economic activity.

Eric Sprott: Gold shortage coming, data shows

When the West runs out of gold, the price should go much higher.

Jim Rogers: governments will loot pensions, savings – hold onto your gold

Jim Rogers co-founded the Quantum Group of Funds in 1973. He has warned investors that governments could loot savings and pension plans soon.

Decade-low interest in resource funds; sector ripe for reversal: Jason Mayer

“If the data keeps indicating synchronized global economic growth, it should be very good for resources, and specifically resource stocks.”

John Embry: hold onto gold as ‘currency event’ likely

John Embry said last month that the rally at the beginning of the year was encouraging, but to remember that sentiment for gold was still extremely negative.

Success in junior miners – the Malartic and Eleonore deposits

Steve Todoruk joined Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd. as an Investment Executive in 2003. He focuses on investing in new discoveries – companies that have identified promising deposits that may prove to be economic.

The battle for Osisko Mining: a good sign for the gold mining sector?

Steve Todoruk, an Investment Executive at Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd., said last year that big miners were the key to a rebound in natural resource stocks.

Why Rick Rule says ‘anti-gold investors will be destroyed’

Gold has made its way down again, to around 1,300 per ounce this month. Rick Rule, Chairman of Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd. says that a few years out, you will be happy you stuck with gold.

Rick Rule: platinum, palladium supply squeeze will turn ugly

The real reason platinum and palladium should rise over the coming years has nothing to do with geopolitics or labor issues, Rick believes.

South Africa: Platinum, gold miners and workers are stuck – Nick Holland, Gold Fields

The real issue in South Africa is that there is a very big gap in incomes.